Where to take a girl on a first date?

Where to take a girl on a first date?
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The first date is a very important event for both the boy and the girl. After all, it is the first meeting, which may result in a longer acquaintance, and maybe even a later relationship. During such a date we get to know each other better, evaluate each other, but also can impress the girl. Here are some suggestions where you can take a girl

Nearby park

A very romantic place for a first date is a park. Women like to be taken for walks, because the nature and tranquility is a good background for conversation. Walking together will help us to relax the atmosphere a bit. We can stay close to each other, but keep a convenient distance that will be comfortable for us. For the first meeting it is worth choosing a place where you won’t feel overwhelmed and you can talk freely. If there are no nice parks in your city, you can also choose a walk along a scenic path or try your hand at a mountain trail. Hiking together and exploring new places can make you open up and find more topics to talk about. If your first date is going to involve more physical activity, be sure to warn your date ahead of time so she chooses appropriate attire. She might be surprised if she comes to the first meeting in stilettos and we want to walk with her through the woods or along a rocky road. It is important that she also feels comfortable on the date.

Billiards or bowling

Billiards or bowling can be an interesting way not only to spend time together and get to know each other better, but also an excuse to have fun. A game of bowling can be combined with a conversation or a drink. Bowling alleys and pubs, where there is billiards usually do not turn on the music too loud, so the conversation will not be difficult.

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Cruise on a boat

If you have the opportunity, you can book a place on a ship. Going on a cruise together will allow you to combine interesting entertainment with sightseeing and a chance to talk. It will definitely be a very romantic date, especially if you can have dinner with wine on the ship.

Museum or outdoor exhibition

If you want to show your future half our interests, an interesting exhibition or to a museum will be a good idea. Not only is it the perfect opportunity to talk about our passions, but it’s also a great way to lighten the atmosphere and find new topics of conversation.

Open-air cinema

In summer, outdoor cinemas are often organized, which are the perfect excuse for a date. An interesting movie in a nice atmosphere can make our chosen one feel really good and comfortable in our company. It is also an excuse for a later conversation about the watched movie, which can prolong the date and move it later, for example, to a nearby cafe.

Picnic by the lake

Nothing will surprise a girl as much as a romantic picnic by the water. You can easily win her heart, especially if you prepare her favorite treats yourself. A chilled soda will also be perfect. Such a scenery will definitely bring you closer together and make the conversation easier.

A road trip

If you have known each other for a while, the girl will definitely not be afraid of a ride with you in the car. If you have your own car, you can take her to interesting places and explore the surroundings. Experiencing new things together will quickly bring you together and create first memories.


In the summer or on warm autumn evenings, there is nothing better than a bonfire together. If you know charming places where you can light a bonfire, this will be a great way to date. However, don’t forget a warm blanket and drinks and snacks.

Fun town

To lighten the mood, you can visit an amusement park together. Surely the girl will like the idea of having fun together during the rollercoaster ride. Maybe you can win a teddy bear for her? You will feel more at ease and your childhood memories will come alive.

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