How to propose to your partner? Top ideas

How to propose to your partner? Top ideas
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Minimalist, grandiose, crazy or romantic – the proposal can take place in a thousand ways, and each of them has a chance to be unique, as special as the occasion is. It is important to choose the circumstances to the taste of the future wife and arrange the situation so that she likes it. What is worth remembering? We suggest.

Where to start: how not to propose?

The list of ideas that can be used is long, and there is a good chance that more than one may appeal to your partner. However, it is worth noting another element: it is necessary to avoid situations that would be embarrassing and exaggerated for the other party. It should be assumed that by offering your partner an engagement ring, you are almost certain that it will be accepted. Doing it in a very ostentatious way may not be to everyone’s liking – you need a great sense and knowledge of the other person’s character.

Proposing with a touch of nostalgia or back to the roots

How to propose to a girl in a climatic way? Very often a good way will be to return to the roots, or the place where the fate joined two people. Perhaps it is worth visiting the places of the first vacations together or appear where the first date took place? Sometimes it is also a good idea to use shared photographs to build the right atmosphere. The tender side of the female soul will certainly be sensitive to this – it remains to reveal your intentions with the ring at the right moment.

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A huge bouquet of roses is always a good idea

One of the traditional forms of proposing to your chosen one, a bit more movie-like perhaps, is to kneel before her with the ring in your hand and a huge bouquet of red roses. There may be nothing very revealing about this, but the advantage of such a plan is that it can be done virtually anywhere. So it can be the middle of the city, an exquisite restaurant or a secluded place somewhere among the greenery. It is up to us to choose!

Shared hobbies as an excuse

You may find that two people have become closer through a shared hobby that is close to both of them. An interest in movies, jogging or mountain climbing? In principle, it is all the same. The important thing is that this shared activity, which brings happiness to both, can be a great opportunity to pull out the ring you bought earlier and… make a statement

Traditional engagement

In Poland the engagement tradition is very different from the one we know from romantic comedies. It is not only about the bride-to-be’s consent, although this is obviously the most important thing, but also about a kind of “buying in” to the future family. Hence there is a certain ritual. The idea is that to the house of the future bride comes with a ring, flowers for her mother and usually good alcohol for her father. This unwritten tradition, once a bit ridiculed, sometimes comes back to favor as an interesting element of folklore. It can also be an interesting way to start a new way of life

Just the two of us in a faraway place

An alternative to a visit with flowers and a ring at the bride’s house will always be a joint trip, during which it will be easier to arrange a romantic mood and capture that unique moment. Rome, Paris or maybe Polish Tatra Mountains? There is no single idea that you can stick to. What matters more is building the right atmosphere.

Extreme way to get engaged

In recent years, extreme engagement ideas have become much more popular, or suitable proposals for lovers of thrills. It turns out that quite good and unforgettable ways to ask your beloved to marry you can be a balloon flight, bungee jumping, or even diving together in exotic countries. These are certainly ideas that will be remembered and talked about for a long time. However, it is not so important how the engagement is arranged, as long as it is sincere and well received

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