Air conditioning in the car – how to use it properly?

Air conditioning in the car – how to use it properly?
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Well-functioning air conditioning is a standard in modern cars. However, it turns out that this undoubted convenience can be misused or even promote the fact that we are exposed to constant colds. What to do to avoid them? How to properly use air conditioning in your car?

How does air conditioning work in the car?

Car air conditioning is invaluable when on a hot day, we set off on a long journey or stand in a city traffic jam. Its operation is based on the fact that as a result of gas expansion is created cooled air, which goes directly to the interior of the car.

Improper use of air conditioning. What are the risks?

The system works similarly to that in refrigerators. As you can guess – there are difficulties and health risks for people who use air conditioning. How to minimize them? It should be remembered that poor use of air conditioning contributes to its faster deterioration.

Mistakes in the use of car air conditioning

First of all, it is necessary to avoid basic mistakes that we commonly make. What are the most common?

  • starting the air conditioning only during hot weather – however, it turns out that this is not an optimal solution; regular switching on and off of air conditioning helps in proper maintenance of the system and positively affects its condition;
  • switching on the air conditioner as soon as the vehicle starts moving;
  • use of air conditioning with the windows or roof down;
  • use of maximum cooling, which wears out the compressor very quickly;
  • avoidance of annual car air-conditioning inspections (tightness, condition of the refrigerant, compressor condition);
  • lack of attention to A/C de-fumigation (results in bad smell from the air vents or even health problems with fungal pneumonia).
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How to properly use air conditioning in the car?

As you can easily deduce from the mistakes listed above – proper use of car air conditioning starts long before you get in the car. Regular servicing, de-fumigation and maintenance of the system is very important and should not be neglected

Before you turn on the air conditioning

It is a mistake to turn on the air conditioning just after starting the vehicle. This puts a great strain on the system and promotes stress on the compressor and high fuel consumption. A much better solution is to drive a certain distance, even if it is a few hundred meters, with the windows open. This will equalize the temperature. After closing the windows and roof, you can turn on the air conditioning, which will have to do less work. Also our body will be less stressed by sudden changes in temperature

Choosing the optimal temperature

It is discouraged to use the maximum cooling in the car. The point is that the compressor in the car is not designed for continuous operation and will wear out very quickly in such a situation. When cooling the interior of the car slowly, the optimal solution is to do it until the temperature reaches 21 degrees Celsius. In a situation where it is very hot outside the window, the interior can successfully maintain slightly higher temperatures. Before we leave the car, it is also worth gradually increasing the temperature inside. This will protect us from drastic changes in temperature, which are most conducive to colds

Setting the air vents inside the car

Before setting the air vents properly, you need to take care of their de-fumigation, which was already mentioned earlier. How should not the air vents be directed? They should not be pointed directly at someone’s body. It’s not just the face or torso, but also the arms and legs. This can promote bothersome inflammation. Instead, a stream of cool air is directed towards the windows or headliner. This way they do their job just as well, without creating a health hazard for the vehicle’s occupants. So it’s worth eliminating habits that have no clear benefit, but are a danger to ourselves

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