What should I keep in mind when washing my car?

What should I keep in mind when washing my car?
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What can make your car look like new is a decent wash. This is a critical step if you’re selling a used car, but even if you’re not, it’s important for overall maintenance. You’ll create the best at-home car wash with a hose, a specialized cleaner, cleaning gloves, and a few buckets of water

Try to wash your car in the early morning or late evening and don’t wash it near a dusty road or under a tree where buds, insects and leaves can fall and stick to the car. Make sure your hose has a nozzle with enough pressure to spray and one that allows you to stop the water flow when you want to. Buy car cosmetics at http://vertion.pl/

Larger sized cars, including trucks should be cleaned by professionals at a specialized car wash. You can learn more about truck wash at https://volvo-serwis.com.pl/oferta/myjnia-pojazdow-ciezarowych/

Step 1

Use a hose with a nozzle that provides good water pressure to spray the car’s wheels. Wheels contain the most dirt and grime, so this should be the first item to take care of. Spray the wheel wells as well as the undercarriage to get rid of dust, dirt, and remove any road salt left over from the winter. Clean your rims with a tire cleaner – some cleaners work best with certain paints or types of aluminum, and you can usually find that information in the owner’s manual. Look for suitable solutions on smartmoto.co.uk. You don’t want to damage your wheels by using the wrong product. When you’re done with each wheel, put the sponge, chamois or glove aside – you don’t want to use them on the rest of your car, as you risk transferring all the dirt from the tires to your car, plus scratching it.

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Step 2

Spray the entire vehicle with water to rinse dirt off the surface and provide your vehicle with a layer of water. Prepare two buckets of water – one without soap and one with soap. Use a cleaning solution designed for cars, as a household cleaner can strip the wax from the paint or damage the finish. Professional car cleaners will also help speed up the drying process so you avoid stains. When filling buckets, follow the instructions on the cleaner to use the correct amount of solution. A bucket of water will be used to rinse the dirt off the glove after you finish cleaning each area

Go down the line by washing the car and cleaning it in parts. Start with the roof. Make single swipes and continuously rinse the sponge or other cleaning item from the dirt. Don’t try to scrub to avoid damaging the paint, etc. Rinse after you finish each section so the soap doesn’t just dry there. Clean the back of the car last, as this is the area with the most dirt.

If a glove, sponge, chamois, etc. falls to the ground while cleaning, rinse it out very thoroughly before using it on the car. Small particles can get into these items, and you’ll risk scratches.

Step 3

After washing each part of your car, remove the nozzle from the hose and rinse your vehicle under running water. Start at the top and go down again, making sure you don’t leave any soap anywhere. The final step is to use a dry chamois or microfiber cloth to gently and thoroughly dry your vehicle. Avoid household towels and instead use a cloth to dab your vehicle with a little friction and pressure. Squeeze the water out of the cloth, continuing to dry until you reach every spot and get a shiny, streak-free finish!

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