Chess is becoming increasingly popular. Which one to choose?

Chess is becoming increasingly popular. Which one to choose?
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The growing popularity of chess is also slowly reaching our country. Characters such as the Norwegian grandmaster Magnus Carlsen can inspire adepts of this difficult game, which is very beneficial to our intellect. However, it begins with the choice of appropriate chess pieces to play. What is worth considering?

Why is the game of chess becoming more and more fashionable?

It is estimated that very important is the popularity of Magnus Carlsen, who is probably rightly considered not only a genius in his field, but also a celebrity. His life is watched by journalists and his style is copied by young people. The world chess champion has become a star especially in his native Norway. But is that all that matters?

Chess is useful

It is widely known that chess is worth playing. This applies to children and young people, whose development is aided by this game, but also to adults. In the world perhaps as many as 600 million people play it. Their influence on improving intellectual, arithmetic and even language skills is appreciated. The game also teaches strategic and critical thinking, and can have a therapeutic value

Photo: Vlada Karpovich/Pexels

What does a chess set consist of?

A professional chess set obviously consists of a full-size chess board, pieces, and a clock


What should professional chess pieces be like? Tournament standards are set by the World Chess Federation FIDE. The rules defined by it include the material of manufacture, but also the colors and above all the dimensions. Professional bats are usually made of wood. The alternative is to choose an imitation or plastic. It is emphasized that the bier should be proportionally designed. The diameter of the base should be at most 50% of their height. Each type of chess piece has a different recommended height. For example for a king it is 95 mm, for a bishop 70 mm, but a pawn is only 50 mm


At world tournaments wooden chessboards are used and they are the most stylish. This makes them ideal as a gift for an adult player – in the case of children, smaller models are often given. At lower level tournaments plastic, rigid cardboard or even stone chessboards are acceptable. It is very important for wooden chessboards to maintain the contrast between the two types of fields (white and black). Different types of wood are used to make the individual fields so that this contrast is maintained. The most common type of chessboard field is the one with a 55 mm side.


An indispensable chess clock can be either traditional or electronic. With the use of a timer, you can play not only long skirmishes, but also quick games, often more exciting

Tournament chess

Tournament chess pieces are primarily those that meet the standards imposed or recommended by FIDE. Their less important element is the quality of workmanship. Not only can the pieces be well distinguished from each other, but they can also be miniature works of art. More valuable woods are also often used to make them.

Recreational chess

For recreational chess, less emphasis is placed on strictly following the rules proposed by FIDE. Additionally, chess boards do not have to be made of two types of wood or have a case

What size of chess pieces to choose?

Much depends on our needs and how seriously we dream of playing chess efficiently. Our taste also matters: not everyone will be satisfied with plastic bricks and a chessboard, for many people the mere opportunity to look at beautifully made chess pieces is a pleasure.

Chess for playing on the go

You never quite know when an opportunity to play a small game will arise. That’s why it’s a good idea to stock up on small chess pieces designed for playing on the go. They’re often made of plastic and equipped with small magnets, while the board is metal, making it harder to lose the pieces.

Photo by Vlada Karpovich/Pexels

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