Essential accessories for your dog and cat

Essential accessories for your dog and cat
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Before you get a new cat or dog in your home, you need to have everything ready. There are accessories that are worth taking care of for both pets. Here are the most important ones.


Both dogs and cats should have their own bed. Among other things, you can choose them in terms of size. For example, there are beds for large dogs available at If your cat usually sleeps in an upright position, a rectangular bed would be ideal. A “donut” shaped bed will be for him if he curls up frequently. Pillow cat beds and enclosed cat beds are also available. Which one will be good for your pet depends on his personality.

Cat scratcher

There are different types of cat scratchers available. However, it is worth investing in such an accessory. The ones in the shape of a scratching tower are a good option for a home where more than one cat lives. It will allow you to create a playground for the animals in a small space. Hanging scratchers, on the other hand, are a bit smaller, but just as practical. It is advisable to place the scratcher in a place, which is most exposed to damage from the cat.


It is a must, especially for cats and small dogs. Be sure to check the dimensions of the carrier so you can compare them with your pet. It should be able to stand, sit and turn around inside comfortably. If you are buying a carrier for a non-adult pet, keep in mind that it will grow and develop.

Also keep in mind that the carrier will serve many purposes for you, including vet visits. Therefore, you need to choose a carrier that will not cause your pet any stress. For the vet, carriers with an opening at the top will be convenient.


This is a must in the case of a dog, a possibility if your cat will be walked. It is necessary to match the size and type of leash and collar to the weight of the dog. To begin with, it is better to avoid the flexi leash, because the dog using it will have a problem to learn to walk by your leg.


Two separate ones – one for water and one for food. It is best if they are metal and have a wide, stable non-slip base. Ceramic bowls are not safe, as broken ones can easily injure your pet, while plastic ones can quickly be destroyed by your pet. You can find cat bowls and other cat accessories at

Litter box

This is a must for any cat, regardless of its size. You need to remember that the litter box you choose can have a big impact on the condition of your carpet or furniture later on. The most important thing is to choose the right litter box for your cat.

A small cat will have trouble getting into a tall litter box, so if your cat is tiny or has joint disease, skip the tall model. For both a kitten and an adult sick cat, a tall litter box can be an impassable obstacle. Your pet may not be able to jump into such a deep litter box and thus may often defecate outside of it.

Litter boxes that are too low, on the other hand, may cause the cat to dig a fluke outside when backfilling. So it’s worth thinking carefully about the height of the litter box.


This is a must, especially for young dogs and cats, but toys are necessary for pets of all ages. The urge to play and the physiological need for puppies and kitties to chew can end badly for your furniture. It’s worth investing in better quality toys to keep them safe for your pet.

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