Family car – how to choose the perfect model?

Family car – how to choose the perfect model?
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What is a family car? Certainly among the important features in this case is the valued large space inside the cabin and in the trunk. Safety, reliability and comfort are also valued. What else should be taken into account? Which models are considered to be particularly functional?

A car for a family – what should you consider?

Starting a family, or even expanding it by more than one child, first influences the decision to build a house, buy or rent an apartment with a larger usable area. One of the next decisions, often made quickly, is to replace the car. What should it be replaced with? In the first place, it is not about a specific model, but rather the features that should characterize it

Cabin and trunk space

Depending on the size of the family, we can choose a car for five people or a very large seven-seater. In practice, it will always be important that it is a spacious car, and here it is not only about the number of seats. The amount of space for individual passengers is also important.

Space for passengers

It’s essential to make sure you have enough space for the family – even if you’re going on a long journey. Maximizing the space in the cabin should especially involve making sure that there is leg room and nothing gets in the way overhead. Additionally, a car seat needs to fit. In case it concerns a seat for one baby, as a rule there is no problem. The situation may be worse when the family has two or three children.


When you go on a trip with your children, for example, you need to take toys and accessories with you. It’s worth trying to choose a car that has space for such things in front of the passengers, but also in the cockpit or armrests. Additional beverage holders are also a great convenience.

Luggage compartment

The capacity of the trunk is important not only for trips, but also for larger purchases, which in the case of a large family are often very impressive. It doesn’t immediately have to be a Volkswagen Sharan where you can fit as much as 955 litres, but it’s worth a decent 400 litres

Eric MClean/Unsplash

Safety systems

Safety is, of course, paramount. They can be divided into systems that prevent accidents and those that mitigate their effects. Airbags and curtains, anatomical headrests or controlled crumple zones are increasingly regarded as basic equipment. However, it is worth paying extra to equip our machine with, for example, active cruise control, lane assist or various types of control sensors, which will make it easier for us to pass pedestrians and other vehicles.

Amenities for families with children and driving comfort

You should pay attention to the fact that the car has an isofix system, which makes it easier to install a child seat. It’s also no secret that quietness in the cabin and good cushioning will help when the baby is about to fall asleep. It will be more difficult for him to wake up and he will tolerate better even a very long journey. It is also good for the car to have multi-zone air conditioning, which can be better adjusted to the health requirements of the youngest.

Reliability and low running costs

A family car must combine unusual combinations of features. Remember that we will have to drive it often for many kilometers. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that it is faultless – we must be sure that it will always work when we urgently need it. It is also good that driving it is quite economical. Hence, you may want to consider a larger investment and purchase a car with a hybrid engine in any of the available variants.

Popular models to consider

There are many cars available on the market that aspire to be ideal family cars. We are talking about not only new cars, but also used cars with low mileage. However, it is possible to notice popularity trends that indicate that certain models are more trusted. These include:

  • Volkswagen Tiguan,
  • Skoda Octavia,
  • Volkswagen Passat,
  • Skoda Superb,
  • Honda CR-V.

Photo: jeshootscom/Pexels

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