How to properly care for car paint?

How to properly care for car paint?
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Neat and shiny new car paint is a real showpiece of the car owner. At the same time care for the condition of coatings allows to avoid further problems with corrosion and its consequences. What is worth remembering?

Appearance and protective properties – these are the reasons why it is worth taking care of car paint

Car paint is a coating that creates a finish that gives a vehicle a unique look. It is not a coincidence that individual car showrooms are full of cars with various colors and shades of paint. If we take proper care of it and avoid bumps or scratches, it is likely that the car, even after several years of use, will be perfectly presented and look almost like new

Protective effect of car paint

However, the car paint coating is first and foremost designed as a protective element. The main task here is to protect the car against the harmful effects of atmospheric and other factors – even salt spilled on the roads in winter could have a destructive effect on the car body if it was not for the paint. There is no need to say much about rain, hail or snow

Taking care of car paint – abc of proper procedure

What should be done to take care of car paint? Systematic care of the car is a basic action that prevents future difficulties.

Choosing a car care product

The basic step is to choose the right paint care product. Typical preparations are substances that have a general effect of improving the condition of coatings. Their roles are primarily – glossing the surface, its protection from sunlight and the typical effects of e.g. humidity. Such products should be used for daily maintenance. In case of problems, e.g. with minor scratches, it is worth betting on specialized preparations

Regularity and thoroughness

Although the manufacturers of various products tempt you with the fact that their products have an innovative formula and are able to work miracles, nothing can replace regular washing and cleaning. It is worth noting that they need to be performed thoroughly – also in places that are difficult to reach. Above all, a pressure washer can be useful here, but often preparations with active foam or clay can also save the situation.

What else is important? Polishing car paint

An important stage of car varnish maintenance is its polishing. This activity can be performed in the most perfect way by a workshop equipped with mechanical polishing machine. Its properties are appreciated when removing microscopic scratches. Unfortunately, for such a service we will pay from a few hundred to over a thousand zlotys

If you act on your own, it is essential to equip yourself with a polishing pad and, above all, with a chemical agent which will allow us to achieve the desired effect. The rule is simple: we must choose the strength of the preparation in terms of how the final result will look like the paint on our car. As a rule:

  • soft pads and mild chemicals are chosen where the situation does not require radical action, that is, in the case of relatively new cars that are constantly kept clean;
  • hard pads and abrasive paste are used for more neglected surfaces.

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