Is it worth it to exercise under the guidance of a personal trainer?

Is it worth it to exercise under the guidance of a personal trainer?
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What is worth knowing about personal training? An option that many years ago seemed to be only an option for wealthy individuals is now becoming increasingly popular. Training under the supervision of a qualified trainer is certainly safer. What else can working with such a person help us with?

Why is it worth exercising with a trainer?

Despite appearances, exercises at the gym, proper selection of their type, intensity and weight are not an easy subject. For this reason it is better, especially at the beginning of our adventure with this type of exercise, to be guided by a person who knows his stuff.

We do not always have to be threatened by inappropriate performance or choice of exercises, but we can even tire ourselves with subsequent repetitions, and the expected effect will not appear. To get it, it turns out to be useful to have knowledge not only about training techniques, but also about the human body – this knowledge should be possessed by a personal trainer.

Who is a personal trainer?

A personal trainer is a person who provides personal training, i.e. individually selected training programme, taking into account health condition and fitness of a client. A good trainer is the one, with whom work allows not only to burn calories, but also to take care of the whole body. Training plan must be skilfully adjusted to our abilities and specificity of our body

Qualifications, charisma and enthusiasm for work – useful as a personal trainer

When hiring a specialist, in a way, as a rule, we anticipate that he or she has not only practical knowledge, but also completed courses that allow conducting this kind of work. However, there is also a set of qualities that such a person should have. It is important that a personal trainer likes his work and has the right charisma. It is easier to work with someone like that and it is quicker to achieve the desired goals.

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What do we gain when we decide to cooperate with a personal trainer?

Partly it has already been said that choosing to work with a personal trainer is a safer and faster way to achieve your goals. And these can be different: from the desire to lose weight, through the dream way to sculpt your figure, to increase physical strength and take care of your health. Going into details, such cooperation can result in

  • having an individual training plan – this kind of program, if well written out, takes into account not only exercises, but also eating habits, physical conditions or type of work performed;
  • measurements of the body parameters that are of interest to us during the workout, such as the amount of body fat, muscle tissue or water in our body;
  • a greater probability that thanks to the trainer showing us the right techniques we will avoid overloads and hard to heal injuries;
  • constant monitoring of our progress and, if necessary, the possibility of correcting our training plan;
  • an extra dose of motivation from someone who knows their stuff and has already worked with many people, so they have the right experience.

Individual training plan – what should you know about it?

The topic of exercising with a personal trainer encourages us to look more into the idea of an individual training plan. What should it be like? First of all, the role of a personal trainer is to make such a program really individual and tailored to us.

Nowadays we can easily find a sample plan on the Internet. Many people copy it and perform the same exercises as someone with a radically different body shape, skeletal structure or muscle response to load. This is a huge mistake, which can cost us a lot

Another element here is medical conditions. It is a myth that only healthy people exercise at a gym. Hence, a good personal trainer should be able to select training for e.g. a hernia. This is a good example which shows that although seemingly his role is not so great, in practice a good personal trainer is worth his weight in gold.

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