Xbox games worth investing

Xbox games worth investing
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Have you bought an Xbox, but the selection of available games makes you dizzy? Wondering if the game you have spotted is actually worth buying? Such dilemmas are the lot of gamers. With people like you in mind, lost in the face of possible options, we have prepared a list of the best xbox games worth investing in!

Elden Ring

Elden Ring is a soulslike game with an open world and high difficulty level, where secrets and dangers lurk around every corner. In the game, you can move around on a mount, which, given the large scale of the world, makes it easier to explore and explore, and you can freely visit locations and decide for yourself who to go up against in the next clash. 

The developers of the game took care of a wide selection of weapons and magic spells to increase attack and defense capabilities. Unlike other souls-like games, the developers of Elden Ring gave much more attention to roles and character advancement.

Red Dead Redemption 2

With its passionate story, surprising characters and pedantic attention to detail, Red Dead Redemption 2 is a game that resembles more of a long and interactive movie. RDR 2 is one of the most subtle and realistic open-world games in Rockstar Games’ oeuvre.

In addition to fascinating graphics, the developers of Red Dead Redemption 2 have introduced the ability to interact with every character in the game, with not repetitive scripts, but dialogues that depend directly on your in-game behavior. Even mounts have been treated quite differently by the developers. They are no longer just a means of locomotion, but creatures “of flesh and blood” that need to be cared for. In a word, RDR 2 is an absolute masterpiece in every respect. 

It takes two

Games dedicated exclusively for two are again not so many. And that’s a pity, because a game for two people is a bit more developing, especially when each player has his own specialty.

Briefly, the plot of the game is this: married couple Cody and May plan to divorce, but their daughter accidentally casts a magic spell on them. Now they are just ordinary dolls, and a magical book by Dr. Hakim won’t bring them back until they repair their relationship. It Takes Two will guide you and your partner through the difficult challenges you must overcome to find your way back to your daughter.

Rayman Legends

If someone tells you that there can’t be anything better than Rayman Origins, don’t listen. Rayman Legends generates more and more new situations, each one more interesting than the last. At one stage of the game you have to shrink down to microscopic size to pave the way with your fists at another. Gameplay delights with its lacy composition. Once you get bored with exploring the world and collecting points, you can switch to dynamic game levels full of chases and clashes with bosses. Also interesting are musical levels, which you have to beat to the rhythm of covers of famous songs. What these developers don’t come up with….

Forza Horizon 5

Our list can’t miss a good racing game either. Forza Horizon in the latest installment will take you to the colorful world of Mexico, where you can race in canyons, jungles or volcanic areas, and to top it off – in changing weather conditions. Forza Horizon 5 is quite a challenge for any racing enthusiast!

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