The Magical Unicorn Quest – A New Deck of Cards

The Magical Unicorn Quest – A New Deck of Cards
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The Dragon’s Lair-inspired game we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived! Magic Unicorn Quest takes the beloved arcade game and brings it to the digital world with beautiful illustrations, new adventures, and innovative features to make your experience easier than ever. But how does it measure up when compared to the original one? Let’s find out! But before moving any further, let’s learn a thing or two about its history. 

Dragon’s Lair Games’ History

Dragon’s Lair Part I & II: Time Warp are interactive laser-disc video games developed by Rick Dyer and Don Bluth and released to arcades in 1983. The dragon’s lair has been cited as a major influence on the development of the video game industry, as it was one of the first arcade games to have animated graphics and featured an interactive storyline. It tells the story of Dirk the Daring, a valiant knight on his search to rescue Princess Daphne from the evil dragon Singe who has locked her away in the castle keep. With over 3 million units sold worldwide, this activity has garnered a loyal fan base since its release in 1983. 

In these games, players must navigate through the lair, avoiding traps and solving puzzles. The first game was released in 1983, and since then, several sequels and spin-offs have been released while the most recent one was released in 2014. 

Now, 33 years later, you can once again venture into the supernatural world of Princess Daphne and her kidnapper/lover, Dirk the Daring as the game makes its return as a deck of cards! A new pack called the Magical Unicorn Quest, and these cards have some excitingly amazing features that make it more fun to play than ever before! 

Dragon’s Lair Expansion Deck – Magical Unicorn Quest

Who doesn’t love a sparkly golden unicorn? They are the ultimate fun this season and what if we tell you that we have come up with an incredible past-time. Yes, you read it right. Magical Unicorn Quest – the best Unicorn game that you have ever played. It is the model semi-cooperative game that requires a total of two to six players to enjoy their time with this amazing pack. And this time, a new element has been introduced to the game – mythical beasts! Sounds Fun? The expansion pack comes with a new set of rules and a dragon card. So, now, in order to win, players must collect magical pieces and avoid being eaten by these mythical creatures. 

In the expansion deck, players try to collect magical cards. The dragon cards must be defeated in order to collect these magical creatures. But, if you are unable to defeat a card you will not receive a magical unicorn card. 

The game rules are changed slightly so that if you do not defeat all of your cards, only your strongest dragon card will score points at the end of the play. Dragons can make it more difficult for players to collect their one-horned creatures, but they offer rewards as well: whenever a player defeats one or more dragons he will receive a new magic item token which can offer his team special abilities and advantages. 

The Dragon Lair

The Dragon’s Lair is a new pack that was created by the magical unicorn quest. The goal is to collect all the cards in the deck and defeat the dragon. 

The first step in this quest is to choose your card. There are four different suits of cards, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. 

After you have chosen your card, you must then battle other players in order to win. 

The last step is to face off against the dragon in a final battle. 

Be warned, once someone captures one of your cards it becomes much harder to win it back. To face off, you must fight three rounds with an increase in difficulty on each round. If you manage to defeat the dragon on all three rounds then you will be able to claim his card as yours forever! However, if he defeats you or if there are no other challengers then he will remain undefeated and stronger than ever before!

So, don’t miss out on this pack. Order from here and get your deck now!

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