Top 5 Wild Game Seasoning by HiCountry Snack Foods

Top 5 Wild Game Seasoning by HiCountry Snack Foods
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As hunters, we all love our favorite wild game – and yet there are those in the world that have never experienced the thrill of taking down their own animal. Thankfully, you don’t have to be an experienced hunter to get your hands on HiCountry Snack Foods’ top five seasonings that bring out the best in your favorite meat. Whether you’re creating delicious pepperoni snack sticks or beef jerky, these seasonings can spice up your game time like never before!

1) Wild Game Original Jerky Seasoning Kit

The Original Jerky Kit is your all-in-one jerky seasoning, marinade, and cure. Make Turkey Jerky, Venison Jerky, or Beef Jerky with our recipe and instructions. This kit is so simple to use; you’ll be enjoying homemade jerky in no time! It’s easy to prepare a huge batch of meat for long term storage, just like at home. So it’s perfect for people who hunt but don’t want to freeze the meat. All of their kits come with complete instructions on how to make jerky from raw meat, how long it takes, what equipment you need, and even how long it will keep! 

2) Summer Sausage Seasoning Kit

A great kit for making a wide variety of summer sausages. Make just one type or try them all! If you’re new to sausage making, use our helpful guide in the recipes section to get started. Then, add your favorite spices and cure, and refrigerate. Then it’s off to your smoker or grill! The only limit is your imagination but we can help with that too! Recipes included with kit purchase. The flavor is so good you might find yourself making more than expected. They’re great as a camping snack and they pack easily, so you can take them just about anywhere! Jerky has always been a popular way to consume wild game, but now you don’t need to worry about all that extra salt. Our jerky seasoning can be used on many types of meat and gives your jerky an unmatched flavor—just like mom used to make! Your guests will think you ordered it from a specialty store—but no one needs to know it was so easy to make!

3) Pepperoni Snack Stick Seasoning

The first on our list of top five wild game seasonings is pepperoni snack stick seasoning. If you like having a spicy kick to your snacks, then you will love our pepperoni seasoning. It is made from real pieces of Italian pepperoni and has an authentic taste, it’s absolutely mouthwatering. This one also happens to be pretty unique as well in comparison to other different kinds of seasonings because it works so well with so many types of meat, unlike some other products that tend to work only with specific meats or games. Whether you are looking for something salty and savory or something bold and spicy, we can guarantee that our Pepperoni Snack Stick Seasoning will provide just what you are looking for. 

4)Wild Game Smoky Blend Jerky Seasoning Kit

This kit has all you need to make a great tasting jerky. HiCountry’s smoky blend seasoning is an amazing flavor and will make you feel like you are in Yellowstone Park. You can also purchase our individual seasonings if you want more variety or want to create your own recipe for jerky or summer sausage. We also offer bulk quantities if you are looking for larger packages that come with discounted pricing! We hope you enjoy making your own wild game snacks as much as we do here at Hi-Country Snack Foods! Thank you for choosing us.

5) Summer Sausage Seasoning Kit

Summer sausage is a delicacy loved by many, but it’s not easy to make. Most people don’t have time to smoke meat for hours on end and even those who do often don’t know what seasoning goes best with which meat. That’s why we created our summer sausage seasoning kit—complete with two different flavored mixes, so you can prepare both summer sausage and pepperoni sticks in a snap. And because some meats are easier to get than others. We also included a variety of our snack sticks so you can try out your new seasonings right away. No matter how you like your summer sausage or snack stick seasoned, we’ve got just what you need to prepare it perfectly every time.

Hi-Country Snack Foods uses only 100% natural ingredients and spices in our pepperoni snack sticks seasoning. This is what makes it taste great! If you want to use seasoning to cook on your BBQ grill, or in your smoker box for a smoke flavor, then check out what we have available online. We have an array of flavors to choose from that will make any wild game stand out as delicious. What does it taste like? Try one today and find out for yourself. They are also great for outdoor cooking at camp sites and even at home. For more information about seasonings feel free to contact us online. We’re here to help!

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