What will every motorcyclist need?

What will every motorcyclist need?
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When you start your adventure with motorcycling, you need to equip yourself with the most necessary accessories. We suggest what to buy to make motorcycle riding more comfortable and even more enjoyable.


The most important item of clothing that every motorcyclist must have is a good helmet. But good, meaning what kind? It must be properly chosen – it can neither press on the ears and head, nor be too loose. This will make the helmet comfortable, and you can be sure that it will fulfill all its protective functions. We also recommend choosing one that has protection from the sun’s blinding rays. Also useful are helmets equipped with a pinlock, which is a thin layer that is glued to the helmet’s glass. This prevents it from evaporating on cold and rainy days.

There are several types of helmets, and the basic ones are integral helmets, or closed, jaw or open. If you are a beginner to motorcycle riding, we strongly recommend the first two, which protect your entire face and head. Remember also that a helmet is the only piece of motorcyclist’s clothing required by law. Riding without a helmet is therefore not only extremely dangerous, but also illegal.


Every motorcyclist will also need clothing. However, it cannot be just any clothing. First of all, it must be safe and comfortable. So which one to choose?


A jacket is an extremely important piece of motorcycle clothing because you should never get on a motorcycle in any short-sleeved clothing. Contact between your unprotected body and the asphalt, even during a seemingly harmless rollover, is something you don’t want to experience firsthand. Literally. In addition, a motorcycle jacket protects you from the cold as well as from wind and rain, which can be extremely troublesome at motorcycle speeds. Choose a model which also has a removable warming lining – this way it will be suitable both in summer and winter.


Motorcycle pants are equally important. You can choose from textile or leather models. Remember, however, that before buying it is worth trying the pants on, and at least for a moment get on a motorcycle in them and check whether the knee protector is in place and the ankles at the bottom of the pants are covered.


Proper gloves are a must. They will protect your hands from the weather and guarantee safety. It is advisable to have at least two pairs, light and airy ones for summer and thicker and insulated ones for winter. Remember to choose the right size so that you can freely operate the accelerator and the bike’s handles

If you want to further enhance your motorcycle outfit, then you can choose eye-catching clothing accessories for example scarves or pins. You will find such accessories for motorcyclists at https://motozloty.com/gadzety-prezenty-c-80.html.


If you’ve been riding a motorcycle for a while, it’s also a good idea to start looking around for tires. Generally, the life of a motorcycle tire is rated at about 15,000 miles, but it all depends on the type of machine, how you ride and the type of road surface. Taking all these factors into account, the life can be reduced even to 5-6 months. According to statistics, the average life of tires in Poland is one season. So if you will be looking for tires and other accessories for your motorcycle, then be sure to visit https://skyseba.pl/.

Main photo: Gustavo Fring/pexels.com

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