Best exercises to strengthen back muscles

Best exercises to strengthen back muscles
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Properly composed back training brings with it a number of advantages. Thanks to it we can take care of our health, which is important especially if we work in a sedentary way. What we can gain is also an exemplary silhouette and strength. Which exercises are worth choosing? Which ones to do even at home?

Back exercises. What is worth knowing about them?

First of all, we should be aware of the fact that it will be difficult for us to maintain an ideal silhouette without a solid back training. Very often the goal of training is to have a “V” shaped silhouette. It gives nice proportions and slenderizes the back muscles


Of course, back exercises help us generate strength. We are talking about a large group of muscles, which activates, for example, when lifting weights. At the same time, exercising them, we reduce the chance of suffering an unpleasant injury


Troublesome back pains are something which more and more often bothers us with age, especially when we spend a lot of time in a sitting position; working at a computer or driving a car. Taking care of your back muscles will help you cope with these ailments.

What else can we gain by exercising our spinal muscles?

First of all, an upright posture and self-confidence. Although these elements are sometimes underestimated, they play an important role in everyday life. It is about the first impression we make on others, but also about our level of self-acceptance. The higher it is, the better

Back exercises at home: how to do simple but effective?

Basic exercises for the back at home are not very demanding. To perform them, we do not need to go to the gym or reserve a large amount of time. Which exercises for the back at home are particularly recommended?

  • Gymnastic exercises with rubber bands – the primary role of these inconspicuous plastic hoops is to increase resistance.
  • Forward bends – one of the simplest exercises, where with the toes of the straightened hands we try to reach the tip of the shoe.
  • Twists.
  • Cat’s back
  • Superman – an exercise performed on a mat. It consists in leaning on the trunk with raised hands and joined legs. Should be performed 6-7 times each.
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Popular back exercises with dumbbells

Of course, in a professional or home gym we can successfully use dumbbells. What back exercises with dumbbells work well?

  • dead pull – lifting a barbell from the floor level until the person performing this exercise has a straight back and legs in the knees;
  • kettlebell swing – a type of deadlift that is characterized by kettlebell swing and requires involvement of, among others, hip and lumbar muscles;
  • rowing with dumbbells – can be done for example while kneeling on a bench.

Exercises – back at the gym

What other exercises are worth choosing? The back at the gym can be exercised by, among others:

  • pull-ups on a bar;
  • rowing on a rowing ergometer;
  • pulling down the bottom lift with a narrow grip.

Remember, however, that even high intensity and variety of exercises will not help much if they are not performed regularly

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