Chest exercises for men. Best suggestions

Chest exercises for men. Best suggestions
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What exercises for the chest increase the likelihood that we will get the desired sculpture of this part of the figure? It is worth finding such forms of physical activity that can be performed in a gym full of equipment, but also simpler exercises to perform in your spare time at home. Here are some examples

What do chest exercises give us?

He is wrong who thinks that exercises for the chest have little effect on other parts of the muscles. In practice, it is so that this type of exercise also engages the muscles of the shoulders and triceps. As a rule, care about the sculpture of the chest itself is important, because it is an extremely important part of the male figure

The most important rules of chest exercises

Chest exercises primarily involve the pectoralis major muscle, but also the pectoralis minor and the anterior cogatoid muscle. Their alignment from the ribs to the clavicles contributes to the fact that the first rule of training is not to start with them. With their fatigue, it will be difficult to give your best with other exercises. Weight, number of repetitions and technique are important. It is best to join the exercises twice a week.

It is very important that each exercise is performed with a posture that includes tightened shoulder blades and stiff wrists. Muscle building takes place through strength exercises that are complemented by isolation exercises. Proper chest training for men also includes proper rest, recovery and, of course, a well-chosen diet

photo by Julia Larson/Pexels

The keys to a good chest workout

You can only talk about training that delivers the expected results when muscle mass gains are accompanied by strength maintenance. In addition, the training plan should include a varied set of strength and isolation exercises

Chest exercises at home in the gym

When doing chest exercises, we should vary their types. It is also good to prepare a training plan for ourselves both to use at the gym and at home, where of course we do not have such a large number of instruments. It should be mentioned, however, that chest training is supported by additional activities such as climbing, playing tennis, and especially swimming.

What exercises can we use at home?

Chest exercises at home are mainly various types of push-ups. This is primarily an exercise recommended for beginners, because it does not give such good results as, for example, lifting a barbell. These can be push-ups:

  • classic,
  • with legs supported on a fitness ball,
  • with legs in suspension,
  • with carrying our body weight,
  • on one leg,
  • performed on handrails.

Also recommended are stretches, which are exercises of isolated chest muscles. At home they are done with the use of TRX straps or furniture and dumbbells

What exercises are worth doing at the gym?

In this case, more classic activities will work. Among them will be:

  • pressing on a horizontal bench,
  • bench press in a sitting position,
  • pull-ups on a bar with a wide grip.

Main photo: Andrea Piacquadio/Pexels

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