How to care for leather shoes?

How to care for leather shoes?
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Leather shoes require us to take care of them so that they will last longer. By using the right products, leather shoes will not only retain their water-repellent properties, but will also be much shinier.

General rules concerning shoe care

Leather shoes should be properly stored. Never put wet leather shoes in the cabinet. They should also not be dried under a heater. The high temperature will cause the shoes to crack. Dry them naturally at room temperature and do not put them in a box or cabinet until they are completely dry. It is a good idea to keep them in the correct shoes if they are not being used. This will reduce the amount of kinks and also preserve their natural shape. Insert the shoes using a shoe spoon or help yourself with your finger. In this way, we will prevent the heels from kinking. It is important that the shoes are impregnated before we leave the house.

Shoe cosmetics worth buying

For the autumn and winter period, a shoe impregnator is indispensable. You can also apply it in the store right after purchase. The waterproofing is usually in a spray and prevents water from penetrating inside. It also makes the boots dry much faster. They protect against moisture and dirt. After cleaning the shoes, we should apply the cosmetic on the whole upper.

A cloth soaked in water and grey soap will work well for cleaning shoes. After such cleaning, shoes need to dry for a while before they can be polished. Shoe polish with a polishing agent will be suitable. You can apply it with a soft sponge. Cover the shoe polish with a circular motion and scrub them. You will also need a brush with microfibers to polish your shoes. It is also a good idea to apply a special grease to the leather once a week, especially during winter. It prevents the leather from peeling and cracking.

Remember about impregnating

Special paste or creams will also help us care for our leather shoes. Matt leather shoes should be polished and creamed with a special paste, preferably twice a week. Polishes and creams are very necessary in maintaining flexibility of leather shoes, but they also help in covering minor damages. Once a week, after such cleaning and polishing of shoes, they can be impregnated, thus protecting them from moisture. Spray impregnates are used on shoes in such a way that they are sprayed at a distance of 10 to 15 cm. Then leave them to dry. Impregnation should be carried out in a ventilated room or in the open air.

It is very important to choose the right shoe care products which are compatible with the type of leather. Different polishes and waxes are used for patent leather and others for nubuck. Also, it is important to choose the shade of shoe polish or cream.

Choosing accessories for cleaning

The best accessories for cleaning and polishing shoes will be a soft brush, which is able to clean the spaces between the laces, as well as the soles or the tips of the shoes. It should not scratch your shoes, so choose a brush with soft bristles. Many shoe polishes have a special applicator in a sponge, which helps in applying the shoe polish evenly on the whole leather. The product and the sponge should be lightly pressed against the shoe and polished with circular movements.

Certainly, a microfiber cloth will be very useful for cleaning bigger dirt, which will allow for a much more thorough washing of mud or sand residues. Just soak it in water with gray soap and wipe the dirt to make your shoes look like new. Many of these accessories can be purchased at a shoe store. It is worth investing in leather cream and impregnant, as well as a brush to clean shoes. Such cosmetics will make leather shoes keep their nice look and functionality for longer. It is worth caring for leather shoes, because it will allow us to maintain their pristine appearance. We can apply a special cream and paste to the leather once a week, which will give them a shine. It is also important to impregnate it, which will protect the footwear against moisture.

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