Which wireless headphones to choose?

Which wireless headphones to choose?
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Wireless headphones give you a lot of freedom, without unnecessary cables tangled in your bag or pockets. They can also be used at home and plugged to your computer or laptop, but more people choose them for workout or everyday walk. They should be lightweight and of good quality. Check what types of wireless headphones you can find on the market

Types of wireless headphones

Among the wireless headphones, you can choose many interesting models, including:

In-ear headphones

In these models of headphones, the domes are much smaller and rest on the ears but do not surround them. They are light in weight and size, and for your comfort, manufacturers have created over-ear headphone models with a foldable headband to make them easier to transport. Because they take up some space and are held on a single headband, they are not very comfortable during workouts, for example. When bending down or running, they can easily slip off your head and fall off. However, they provide sound at a very high level. The insulating material, made from eco leather or velour, ensures that all external sounds are perfectly muffled. They can be a great companion during home office or gaming.


This model of wireless headphones is the largest, because large domes surround your ears, which guarantees almost 100% suppression of ambient sound. However, the large earcups do not allow you to transport them, hide them in a bag or backpack. They can be used at home.


Recently such models were very fashionable among athletes. They cover only the auricle and are held on a headband, which can be conveniently folded. Among these models, there are also those that have a headband located at the back of the head, which makes it much easier to use them and perform a workout at the same time. In addition, they are characterized by their small size and ease of transport.


A real hit of this season, earbuds are loved by many people, including celebrities. This model of wireless headphones is most often chosen by athletes and people who do not like to feel headband on their head. Modern models are equipped with a microphone, which enables conversation even during training or driving. The sound goes directly to the ear canal, which does not allow for long listening, but in case of an hour walk or a short drive they will be perfect. Their additional advantage is the possibility of charging using a case that comes with the headphones. At home, you can charge them with a USB cable, and when the headphones are running low on power, you can charge them anywhere by putting them inside.

What to look for when choosing wireless headphones?

  • frequency response – this is a very important parameter, especially if you want headphones that give good sound quality, the wider the frequency response, the better the headphones will be;
  • foldable and lightweight design – for active people the shape of the headphones and their weight is very important, foldable over-ear and around-ear headphones will be easier to store if the headband is foldable
  • active noise can cellation – this is a very useful option, available in many modern models of bluetooth headphones, thanks to it even in noisy and crowded places you will listen to your favourite tracks without any problem;
  • size adjustment – it is an important option in the case of over-ear headphones, sliding headband can be adjusted to thesize of your ears, so wearing the device every day will not cause discomfort;
  • microphone – an important option, especially for drivers and active people, the new models have also a button, allowing you to quickly answer incoming calls, without having to take out the phone, for example during a workout or driving;
  • design – shape and color of the headphones also matter, after all, they are visible at all times, so it is worth choosing a model that will not get boring quickly.

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