3 everyday looks with blazers

3 everyday looks with blazers
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A blazer is the perfect complement to an entire casual outfit. The patterns and cuts encourage you to create unique combinations and wear the jacket every day

Blazers with flowers

The elegant and classic edition of the blazer is an indispensable part of the men’s closet, but for a more casual edition it works well with a fabric that brings life to the whole look. One of such patterns is the use of floral motif, which can be combined with both colorful accessories and a more subdued color palette

Checked jacket

One of the most fashionable motifs that can be found on men’s jackets. Large British-style checks are just as popular as smaller, less conspicuous patterns. The jacket goes well with jeans, a shirt or t-shirt and sports shoes

Lively colors

Summer casual blazers are also about choosing the right color. In addition to pastel sets, fabrics in bright shades of purple, red, blue or yellow are also becoming popular

Photo: Max Libertine/Pexels

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