What can lowered libido in men result from?

What can lowered libido in men result from?
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The strength of sexual desire is an individual trait, however, when libido is too low, we are dealing with a certain disorder that has its source in internal and external factors. Let’s take a closer look at it.

External problems

If your urge for sex has decreased sharply and persists for some time, it is a sign that your libido has decreased. A number of factors can contribute to this, which are worth dividing into two groups.

The first group is undoubtedly the external factors that we interact with due to our lifestyle. Everyday life in the present day can be extremely stressful. So the desire for sex decreases when our work starts to frustrate us and is a source of stress. It is also common for men who have too many responsibilities to feel extremely tired and lack the desire for intimate contact. Work can also be a source of irritation and disappointment. Any of these aspects can definitely contribute to a lowered libido.

Libido and diet

Libido in men, or rather its level, is also related to proper diet. Men who are on the run may often not pay attention to what they eat and how they eat it. Visits to fast food places or modest meals consumed in a hurry will not be particularly conducive to sexual desire, as the whole balance is disrupted

Staying on the topic of body balance, we cannot forget about physical activity. Sexual desire is also reduced in the absence of any physical exercise. But beware, forcing yourself too much in case of competitive sports can also lower the libido.

Another reason for any problems with sex drive will elicit a yawn from many people. But it is unfortunately true that tobacco addiction definitely affects erection problems in men. Cigarettes smoked in large quantities also have a dangerous tendency to constrict blood vessels and negatively affect the entire endocrine system.

A psychological issue

Decreased libido in men also originates from many internal factors and our mental comfort. Starting with complexes related to appearance. With them comes shame or embarrassment. Common problems with a healthy sex life in men are also various childhood traumas, especially sexual ones.

Another psychological factor is the sudden intrusion of monotony into the relationship. Boredom in relationships also includes boredom during sex, thus avoiding the act. When two people start passing each other on a daily basis, simple affection like hugging and kissing are usually restricted. So any disruption in the partner relationship can also have a significant impact on the decline in libido.


Hormone management also has a great impact on sexual desire. Men can often suffer from a decrease in testosterone. Its levels can change during periods associated with aging. Such a moment in the life of any gentleman can be andropause. Libido levels are also related to a hormone called prolactin. Its excess, known as hyperprolactinemia, directly leads to problems of decreased sexual desire in men.

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