What to do when monotony appears in a relationship?

What to do when monotony appears in a relationship?
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Routine is a tough verdict for a relationship, but it is impossible to avoid in a long-term relationship. The longer a couple has been together, the more likely it is that monotony will creep in between them. This, especially in the bedroom, is a real killer for romance and passion. How to prevent it from appearing or break the routine that has already settled under the comforter? We suggest!

Honest and open conversation about problems and expectations

A relationship can’t go anywhere without a taboo-free and shame-free conversation with your partner. To really make a difference you need to talk frankly with each other, try to find the cause of the problem and its solution. In addition, it’s a good idea to suggest new things you want to bring into the bedroom and set boundaries for what you find exciting and what is beyond your comfort zone. For each couple the boundaries will be different, for some a change of position will be a milestone, for others a latex jumpsuit and a whip will be a no-brainer. This diversity is beautiful and don’t feel obliged to push your limits to please your partner and vice versa – under no circumstances force her to do anything. Surely, there will be another solution, with which both of you will feel comfortable and safe

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Changes in the bedroom

Decrease in libido and loss of desire are problems that every long term relationship has to deal with. It is important not to give up in such a situation, but to add some spice and spice to your relationship and make it hard for you to get away from each other again. It may help to turn up the atmosphere not only before the intimacy, but throughout the day. Spicy messages and small caresses during the day will make your partner pull you into bed by your sleeve in the evening. Another idea is to introduce erotic gadgets into your bedroom. You will find that the stimulation from a vibrator provides a completely different experience for both partners, so this change may encourage both of you to go to bed a little later. You can find good quality vibrators made from safe materials at https://redarena.pl/wibratory-klasyczne

Another option, for the slightly more daring, is anal sex. Studies show that only 15% of Poles have any experience with this form of sex. Fear of anal sex is understandable, but there is really nothing to be afraid of! Anal stimulation can be extremely pleasant and satisfying, and the resulting orgasm is a sensation that can not be compared with anything. For this form of sex, of course, you need to prepare properly – the anus is not as flexible as the vagina. To gradually and painlessly introduce your partner to the world of anal sex, a conical anal vibrator will come in handy. You can see examples of these here: https://redarena.pl/wibratory-analne. Of course, you can both get involved in anal play if you want to too.

Re-discovering your body

The bane of many relationships is a pattern that has been developed and repeated for years. If something has worked once, it works, so why bother looking for other forms of stimulation? Unfortunately, this is how routine is born. After a couple of years, even before intercourse, both partners can recite the order, and perhaps even the duration of particular activities. You can’t let this happen, it’s time to break this cycle. Spend a longer time, maybe even the whole night, getting to know each other and yourselves anew. Experiments will allow you to find pleasure where you least expect it. For seeking new sensations and getting to know each other’s bodies, a bunny vibrator will certainly come in handy, you can buy it here: https://redarena.pl/wibratory-kroliczki. Such a vibrator provides double stimulation and increases the likelihood of your partner reaching multiple orgasms

Routine in a relationship is an almost unavoidable thing, but fortunately it is not a sentence for the relationship. With a little effort, a lot of honesty and openness, you and your partner will definitely be able to break the boredom and monotony, and the relationship will revive as if you just fell in love with each other.

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