Mongolia – the main tourist attractions of this country

Mongolia – the main tourist attractions of this country
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Mongolia is a beautiful, mountainous and highland country located near China. It has a temperate climate, which is associated with very hot summers and cold winters.

More and more tourists want something more than a hotel and spa. Most of them want to soak in the culture and learn about the history of the places. Mongolia’s terrain is also specific, which attracts foreign tourists. Besides, Asian destinations are becoming more and more popular and are very popular among customers. The program of tours organized by the travel agency is extremely rich. Below we have described some of the tourist attractions.

Get to know the Mongol religion – Buddhism

Buddhism is the main religion in this country, so a trip to Mongolia also includes religious attractions in its program. One of them is the Buddhist Amarbayasgalant Monastery located in the Ivon Gol River valley. The monastery is located far from civilization and is surrounded by picturesque views. The green hills stretching for miles make a great impression on every tourist. The temple itself is awe-inspiring in its architecture and inside you can observe a Buddhist ceremony. Singing Buddhist songs and the course of the religious ritual is an extremely interesting experience. Of course it is also possible to stay in the so-called gerach, where we have to deal with European standards.

See the desert-steppe landscape

Being in the thread”Mongolia tours”, we can not fail to mention the beautiful steppe landscape, which smoothly passes into the area of one of the oldest deserts in the world – Gobi. The vast grass-covered steppes and their boundlessness gives an incredible sense of freedom. Mongolia is also home to a beautiful rock formation. Its shape is rare and delights many people. It owes its unique structure to the action of wind and water. Besides, there is a unique archaeological site here (Tsagan Suvagra), which depicts people hunting wild animals.

Returning to the desert area, it should be mentioned that one of the attractions is the Gobi Gurwan Sajchan National Park. There are two gorges in its territory – the vulture gorge, which can present a winter landscape at any time of the year, accompanied by ice and snow. The second one is the eagle gorge, which represents a slightly different view – beautiful and green. Nearby you can visit the dinosaur museum, where you can see the remains of these prehistoric creatures.

Another attraction of Mongolia are the dunes, the height of which is really impressive – more than 250m (Khongoryn Els). Their span is really large, as they stretch for more than 100km. The dunes create a unique atmosphere, where the shifting sand, creates a desert atmosphere, which is further accompanied by a distinctive sound. The picture is very pleasing to the eye, especially when you see green pastures and rocky hills in the distance. Nearby is a farm where a Mongolian family breeds camels. This is a great opportunity to experience the taste of camel milk and take a ride on their backs while admiring the Mongolian landscape.

Capital city of Mongolia – Ulan Bator

Every trip to Mongolia begins in the capital city of Ulaanbaatar, where you can visit Genghis Khan Square and admire the magnificent statue of Sukh Bator, a Mongolian military leader. Suche Bator was a national hero, a revolutionary with great riding skills.

Ulaanbaatar abounds in Mongolian, Tibetan and Chinese style architecture. The capital also has a complex of Buddhist monasteries, where in addition to the stunning buildings, you can observe the rituals of Buddhist monks, which de facto are not allowed to take pictures.

To conclude your trip to Mongolia, you should visit Dzaisan Hill, which is actually the city’s vantage point. From its top you can admire the beautiful architecture of Ulan Bator. It is also a great opportunity to take a souvenir photo.

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