What kind of socks to match a suit? We suggest!

What kind of socks to match a suit? We suggest!
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Fashion changes all the time with the speed of light. It is very difficult to be constantly on top and follow the novelties presented by fashion houses. One thing is certain – you have a much wider range of solutions at your disposal

Once clothing inappropriate to the situation – today will already be called alternative fashion. However, the classics remain classics. Men in a suit are expected to look neat and match accessories. How then to meet these expectations?

Depending on the type of event you are going to, you can adjust the style you want to present yourself in. Before you make a decision, determine the nature of the event you are going to and how much freedom you can afford. First of all, you need to determine the color of the suit you will wear. The texture of it and the workmanship of other items you will use, such as cufflinks, will be of great importance. The material of the socks also plays an important role, as you want your foot to be sweat-free and comfortable to wear

Step towards a good choice

When you choose a casual suit for a family event, patterned socks will work great. They will look best against a dark background. After all, you want to look grown up and mature all the time, and the picture on the socks is just a hint of a smile

Going to the wedding as a groom, it is better to bet on the classics. Ideal will be socks made of smooth material, in black or dark navy blue

Too much is not good!

If your shirt, bow tie or tie has patterned elements, also go for the simplest solution. A few patterned pieces can look mismatched. It will lose its charm and make you look weird.

If you have chosen a plain suit, shirt and accessories, and left a lot of room for manoeuvre just for the lower part of your outfit – you can go wild! You find yourself in a case where absolutely any choice will be good for you. Socks in geometric shapes, small appliqués, single-colored, the whole palette is open to you. Note that if you decide on some bright color, you will be very conspicuous, even from a distance.


The rules of good behavior suggest to choose this part of clothing in such a way as not to show a piece of skin at any time. Therefore, the popular short socks, such as “footies”, will be a bad solution. Check how much room you have to manoeuvre in your suit – where they reach when you stand, sit or put your foot on. A protruding bare ankle will look undignified and cause many unpleasant glances at you. In a word: mid-calf boots are the way to go. You’ll be confident that your skin won’t be exposed.

When deciding on a colorful suit, shirt, and socks, don’t choose your colors blindly. Be guided by combining primary colors – those lying opposite each other in the palette will match. Red, green, yellow and blue are contrasting colors. Combining them will be very extravagant and bold. Few people are able to decide on such a look. Pink, purple, blue are examples of colors that are one shade away from each other. This solution will certainly not disappoint you. Of course, it all depends on how you arrange the colors and where you put their main and strongest accent.

There is a rule that recommends wearing socks a shade darker than the suit you plan to wear. If your outfit is light blue, go with dark blue or black. On the other hand, if you have prepared yourself with light-colored clothes, a different rule applies here. In case of light brown suit, choose lighter socks – in cream or leather shade. When you follow the same rule as for a dark outfit, darker socks will be conspicuous from a distance. This is a situation you definitely want to avoid.

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