Men’s sports shoes – what to look for when buying?

Men’s sports shoes – what to look for when buying?
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Sports shoes for a real man are not only shoes for the gym or for practicing your favorite sport, but also for everyday use. They are a perfect complement to everyday outfits. What should you consider when choosing men’s sports shoes? We suggest

How to choose shoes for my foot type?

When choosing sports shoes, we should take care that they fit our foot. This is important especially when sports shoes are actually used for sports – especially running. What types of feet are there?

  • neutral foot: in this case the instep is typically positioned, the body weight is distributed evenly. In this case, there is no reason to use a shoe stabilizer;
  • overpronated foot: Here there is an excessive tilt of the ankle joint to the tibia. The instep in this situation is usually low. Poorly fitted shoes may cause ankle or knee joint injuries or lumbar spine pain. In this case, choose shoes with support in the form of hard foam or internal bridge
  • overpronated feet: In this case, the instep is very high. Ankle sprains are common. You can use neutral shoes, but with strong stabilization and a stiff upper

Good cushioning is very important

The choice of cushioning is dictated by at least a few variables. This includes the weight of the shoe wearer, their preferences or even their gender. As a general rule, cushioning serves to absorb the momentum of the foot hitting the ground. The greater the weight and speed, the greater the forces our legs must cope with

Who needs cushioned shoes?

They are recommended to beginner runners. The idea is to compensate for errors in running technique. Most often, compressed foam or gel pads placed under the rear part of the foot are used for this purpose. Shoes with cushioning are a good option for people who run on concrete or asphalt and for those who struggle with excess weight.

Material and workmanship

Both shoes made of organic leather and synthetic materials are popular. Regardless of the material you choose, you should pay attention to the weight of the shoes – they should be lightweight. Always pay attention to the ventilation system. It is worth adding that the quality of workmanship goes hand in hand with the price of shoes. The most expensive shoes are made using very advanced technologies. Of course, we can find good quality shoes at an affordable price

What do we need shoes for?

One of the basic questions to be solved: what do we need athletic shoes for? Are we going to run in them, play basketball, or maybe volleyball? It is worth answering this question before we go to the store. We can also bet on models for general use, which will be a great complement to urban styling

What are fashionable sports shoes?

Choosing sports shoes, it is worth recognizing the current trends. You can bet on a black classic made of eco-leather or one of the bright models with a very futuristic design. In previous seasons, motifs imitating animal skin and metallic reflections were fashionable. If you want a designer look, go for one of these men’s sports shoes!

Photo: Maksim Goncharenok/Pexels

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