Trendy hairstyles for men – find the perfect haircut for you

Trendy hairstyles for men – find the perfect haircut for you
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Short haircuts for men are always popular. They do not require complicated care. All you have to do is choose the right cut for the shape of your face. If you value style and convenience look out for trendy short haircuts. Choosing one of them is certain to please your sweetheart. In addition, you show those around you that you are on top of the latest hair style trends!

How Do I Match the Hair Style to My Face?

When choosing a hairstyle, pay attention to your facial features and shape, as well as your preferences and lifestyle. This will ensure that you are happy when you leave the salon. If you have sharp features and a square or triangular face, opt for a hairstyle with longer tops and shorter sides. This style accentuates your assets and softens a sharp chin and protruding cheekbones. You may like to softly comb the long hair to the side. This softens the sharp lines of your face.

Would you like to make your face look rounder and slimmer? Then go for the popular side shaved hairstyle. If you have an oval-shaped, slim face, opt for haircuts of even length. This cut will optically enlarge your head and make your face look fuller. The haircut is ideal if you have an interesting hair color or texture. It accentuates your individuality. Make sure that the back and sides of your hair do not overlap your ears and neck. Otherwise, you will look less than elegant. If you have thick hair, be sure to visit your hair stylist regularly. Keep an eye on the length so you don’t look like you’re walking around in a helmet.

Shaved sides and a longer top

The aforementioned cut enjoys enduring popularity. What’s more, it suits almost every man. If you are looking for a quick makeover, this is the hairstyle for you. The long top hair can be styled back or to the side with ease. With the right cosmetics, you can even put it up. If you are into rock music, you may like this look

If you want to look more elegant, comb the top part of your hair to the side in its natural direction. Wondering what to do with the side hair? You may decide to pull them back.

Hair with frayed bangs looks playful and carefree. Aside from that, the fringes are quick and easy to style. You can comb your fringe back or style it upwards at any time. If you have a rounder face, opting for this cut will optically slim it down.

Short Hair (Almost Zero)

Do you like bold hairstyles? Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Would you like to show that you are not afraid to experiment? Then this hairstyle is certainly to your liking. It wonderfully expresses your charismatic and strong personality. A few centimetres long hair goes well with casual as well as elegant hairstyles. The haircut enhances the masculine facial features. The hairstyle draws the feminine gaze. This haircut is also suitable for men who suffer from ingrown hair or hair loss. Avoid it if you have an unshaped skull or skin problems.

By the way, look out for the buzz cut. The buzz cut is the so-called soldier look and goes very well with military hairstyles. Short hair is very fashionable and easy to maintain. They suit every type of beauty as long as the hair stylist cuts the sides well. A cut too short does not necessarily suit an oval or round face. If the top parts are a bit longer, you can lift them slightly with a gel.

Pompadour – men’s classic hairstyle

If you like traditional hairstyles, the aforementioned cut will definitely appeal to you. The cut can be worn on shorter or longer hair. This hairstyle is particularly suitable for men with thick hair. It requires little maintenance and styling. All you need to do is comb your hair cleverly, using a small amount of cosmetic product

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