How to dress for the holidays? See our suggestions

How to dress for the holidays? See our suggestions
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Many men have a serious dilemma when they have to choose a Christmas outfit. Contrary to appearances, there is a lot of room for improvement here. In stores there is no shortage of inspiration for this special time. What are the trends this season?

Christmas bow tie or tie

This Christmas you should add festive touches to your outfit. A bow tie or tie with original patterns is perfect for men who like to experiment with their look. Thanks to these accessories, even an ordinary styling will gain a unique character

Shirt in festive motifs

On an unusual Christmas Eve evening, it is worth turning a classic shirt into one that is sure to impress all the guests for a change. On this occasion, you can reach for proven colors like navy blue or maroon additionally enriched with Christmas patterns.

Climate sweater

In case you prefer a less formal styling it is worth wearing a sweater. Especially warm sweaters with Norwegian patterns are very popular this year. You can also be tempted by a more humorous version of this outfit, for example, with funny Christmas inscriptions

Photo by Shamim Nakhaei/Unsplash

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