Men’s blazers – which ones are worth wearing?

Men’s blazers – which ones are worth wearing?
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A men’s jacket is one of the attributes of a stylish man. They can be elegant when paired with tailored pants, but also come in casual or sporty styles. Which blazers are worth wearing? What should you look for? Here are some suggestions.

Men’s blazers. What should it be like?

A well chosen jacket is a combination of good quality materials, skilful sewing, fitting to the figure of the man wearing it and above all it should be well chosen for the occasion

What to look for when choosing a jacket?

If we know that we are dealing with a good quality product made of the right material, we should choose the right jacket for our figure. We pay attention, first of all, to:

  • the length of the sleeve: it is precisely this parameter that sometimes raises questions. The choice of the right sleeve length is not too difficult. The key is to let your hands fall loosely along your body when trying it on. The sleeve should then end 1 or 2 cm above the wrist
  • the optimal overall length of a man’s jacket: it is assumed that the end of the jacket should divide the figure into two parts. This line should run slightly below the buttocks;
  • the correct distribution of buttons: for classic jackets, the first button should be at waist level. This allows to capture the ideal proportions of the male figure.

Elegant men’s jackets

For which occasions will an elegant men’s jacket be useful? It is an ideal solution for business meetings, formal dinners, but more and more often it is also chosen e.g. for weddings. What should an elegant men’s jacket have? Of course, some people mention very dignified tailcoats and tuxedos, but the most popular is the classic single-breasted suit jacket. It is most often worn with pants of the same material

Men’s blazer with jeans. Is it a good idea?

Men’s blazer with jeans is also a quite popular style, which will be suitable for less formal occasions. As long as the dress code allows it, it can also be an everyday outfit for work

What are the characteristics of a casual blazer for men?

A suitably matched men’s casual jacket with jeans is usually a type of clothing, where there are overlapping pockets, no decorative lining, and decorative patches are sewn on the elbows. They often have buttons and inserts which contrast with the whole garment

Finally, a casual men’s jacket is an ideal element of clothing for different seasons. Warmer fabrics, such as corduroy, tweed or wool, are designed for the autumn and winter season. In the spring and summer season, much lighter ones reign supreme. Linen or cotton allow to maintain comfort even at quite high temperatures. Most often the colors of such jackets are lighter; white or pastel

Men’s Checked Jacket – Elegance in Timeless Style

A checkered jacket can be a very interesting choice. In this case, we talk about timeless clothing, which is more or less popular, but at the same time fashionable. Its genesis dates back to the 19th century, when such blazers became popular in the British Isles. Nowadays, they can be used to create both more formal and uniform styles, or matched with e.g. chinos in a less formal outfit.

Men’s sports jacket

The least formal type of the discussed clothing is a men’s sports jacket. Definitely not suitable for formal occasions, but you can create an interesting everyday styling with it. Here there is a much greater variety of material, thick weave or interesting texture. Some variants of men’s sports jackets are inspired by sports sweatshirts. Their advantage is often that you can put them in a travel suitcase without worrying about them getting terribly damp.

No matter what type of clothing we prefer, the presence of several different jackets in a man’s closet is very useful. You can be tempted to create interesting styles for very different occasions.

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