Men’s jacket – which one to choose?

Men’s jacket – which one to choose?
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How to choose the right men’s jacket for the right occasion? Should you be guided only by fashion and popular cuts, or should you place great importance on, for example, the quality of the material?

These questions are undoubtedly worth thinking about. What else should be kept in mind when choosing a jacket? We have a suggestion for you.

The jacket must fit well on the body

This might be quite obvious for many people, but it still needs to be reminded: before choosing a jacket, you need to know your measurements well. The size is of great importance: a perfectly fitting jacket should not sag, but it also looks bad if it sags.

Especially when buying online, we should take care to take pictures of our measurements in the right position – standing upright. It is recommended to pay special attention to how a given model lies on our back and shoulders. There is no room for wrinkling or unsightly folds.

How long should our jacket be?

Sometimes we feel better in a longer or shorter jacket, but there are certain proportions. It is assumed that the length of the jacket should be half of our height. So if we are 184 cm tall, the length of the jacket should be about 92 cm.

How long should the sleeves be?

Sleeve length is another element of this outfit that we tend to have problems with. How far should it reach so that the jacket looks great and shows the proportional figure of the man who wears it? It is suggested that on an upright hand the sleeve should reach to the wrist joint. The cuffs of the shirt should extend slightly beyond the sleeve

What types of men’s jackets are there?

There are primarily three important types of men’s blazers to choose from. Each of them not only looks slightly different, but is also designed for different occasions. Thus, we can bet on:

Suit jackets

It is usually one of two or three, when a vest is also involved, elements making up a suit. For this reason, it is most often worn together with men’s suit pants. This gives a very elegant combination, which is also versatile. Suitable for work, an elegant date or any other meeting where elegance is at a premium.

Tuxedo blazers

An outfit a little less popular than suit jackets, because it is intended for special occasions and galas. It is characterized primarily by a deep slit at the back. It looks great only when matched with pants. The vast majority of models of such clothes are available in black or navy blue.

Sports blazers

Sports blazers are not usually bought together with pants or a vest, as is the case with popular suit jackets. They are very often used to create everyday outfits. They are made of various fabrics – popular are not only models made of thick corduroy, but also much lighter cotton. Some of such jackets take on a “blouson” cut. They can even be matched with a polo shirt and jeans.

What else is worth knowing about jackets?

It turns out that dimensions and the type of jacket are not everything. There are at least a few more details that are important in order to choose and wear the right jacket.

The color of the jacket

When choosing the color of the material from which the jacket is sewn, we should first take into account two things: the time of day and the degree of formality. Light colored clothes are intended for daytime use, while darker ones are worn in the evening and at night. As a rule, black or navy blue blazers are considered particularly elegant and are intended for big events, but also for work, if this is the dress code adopted by a given company or profession.

Buttons and pockets

Not many people know that it is very important which button we fasten the jacket. In the case of a classic one-row jacket with two buttons, we button only the top one. Otherwise it would look unsightly. Do not rip off the outer pockets if they are sewn up. This is done in order to make them fit better.

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