How to quit smoking? Best ways

How to quit smoking? Best ways
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Quitting smoking can be very stressful, but it is not impossible. See the best and proven methods for quitting this extremely disastrous habit.

Set yourself small goals

Suddenly getting rid of nicotine can be a shock to your body. Doctors advise against quitting overnight. Try to smoke less and less, reducing the number of cigarettes you smoke by a few a day. Make your plan measurable and achievable for you. Determine when you want to quit smoking and stick to your goal.

Avoid situations where you smoke the most

Smokers are most likely to indulge in another “bush” during a coffee break at work or at a social gathering. When quitting smoking, avoid socializing with other smokers who will try to persuade you to have another cigarette. Being in a smoky room will remind you to smoke. You don’t have to avoid company and hole up in the office kitchen during breaks. Get out in the fresh air for a while and talk to your colleagues in the company who don’t smoke. Instead of going out for a smoke, treat yourself to a good cup of tea or coffee. Before you know it, the break will be over and you’ll be able to avoid smoking.

Throw away all tobacco supplies for a rainy day

Many smokers have different types of tobacco, cigarette holders and lighters at home. When you want to quit, you need to get rid of your stock so you won’t be tempted to light up one last smoke. Quitters know very well that you don’t stop with just one cigarette. So get rid of cigarette machines, lighters and ashtrays. In a moment of extreme stress, when you have a strong urge to smoke a cigarette, you will probably look for tobacco in your home. If you don’t find it, maybe your nicotine craving won’t be strong enough to go out to the kiosk for a pack of your favorite cigarettes

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Inform loved ones of your decision

In quitting any addiction, the support of loved ones is very important. You need a helping hand and motivation to help you quit smoking. So let your work colleagues and family know about your plans. This is important because they will know what you are dealing with and smokers will stop offering you cigarettes. Then the fight against addiction will be much easier.

Find another way to relieve stress

You probably reach for a cigarette when you’re feeling stressed. Instead of searching nervously for a lighter and a pack of cigarettes, try to calm down in other ways. Rubber crumples that occupy your hands and make you work off your nerves are very helpful. Some people carry a pen or a small mascot with them.

Start saving money that would have gone to cigarettes

Instead of buying another pack of cigarettes, start putting money into a transparent jar. You will see the amount you will be able to collect in a short period of time. It will certainly be quite surprising, but at the same time very motivating. With the money you save, treat yourself to something you couldn’t afford before. It can be a dream trip to an exclusive spa or fashionable clothes. This will be your reward for persevering in your resolution.

Think about your health

If money is not that motivating for you, think about your health. Within just 2 weeks of quitting smoking, you’ll notice that you’re no longer short of breath and that climbing up a second or third flight of stairs isn’t such a big challenge. Your skin tone will certainly improve and fatigue or sleeping problems will be reduced.

Start playing sports

Physical activity will make you feel more relaxed and stressed. In addition, you will probably notice that if you smoke a cigarette before exercising, your performance decreases significantly. You may come to the conclusion on your own that smoking is very harmful to your health and decide to get rid of this unhealthy habit.

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