Brain training, or what exercises to do to improve memory?

Brain training, or what exercises to do to improve memory?
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Our brain is a wonderful organ that manages the work of all organs. Thanks to it, we can easily remember, but also connect emotions with different events. In order for it to work smoothly, we need to do brain training all the time. Here are simple exercises that will help us to remember faster.

Let’s exercise memory

Memorizing simple strings of numbers, such as our own pesel number or phone number, as well as the numbers of our loved ones makes our mind develop and exercise. Many people write down simple notes on the phone, but this does not make them remember better in the future. Memorizing a phone number or any other string of digits will make the brain work better. After some time, we will definitely remember much more details. We do not have to delete all contacts from the phone right away. If you dial a number very often, try to type it yourself after some time. Certainly, after the third or fourth time we will manage to enter the whole number. Counting crossroads or the number of bus stops can also be helpful in training your memory. Such details can help us a lot when we travel later. Some details are worth remembering. An ideal way to remember is to repeat phone numbers or shopping lists. This will make it much easier for you to do your daily shopping without having to think about what you don’t have

Repetition and reading

Frequent repetition of certain phrases, e.g. a sequence of numbers, and reading them out loud helps us remember a lot. Reading develops our brain a lot, especially in terms of abstract thinking and creating our own ideas. The creations that appear in our mind while reading can greatly develop our imagination, and thus create new connections in the brain. People who read a lot of books not only have a much richer vocabulary, but above all are much more creative.

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Word searches and cross-outs

Cross-outs are a great way to exercise the mind. Not only can we increase our perceptiveness, but we can also test how many words we know. It is also an ideal way to learn a language quickly, because we not only learn how words sound, but first of all we know how they are written. Very interesting strikethroughs are strikethroughs connected with finding shapes. You can also use the following exercises: crossword puzzles, word puzzles, crossword puzzles, crossword puzzles, crossword puzzles, crossword puzzles and word puzzles.

What else contributes to a better condition of the brain?

The brain needs rest. A good way to rest will be sleep, thanks to which our brain can regenerate. Yoga and meditation are also good ideas. The condition of the brain also depends on our diet. First of all, it should contain B vitamins and fatty acids, including omega-3 fatty acids. They are found in marine fish, but also in olive oil and rapeseed oil. Thanks to fruits and vegetables we provide our body with valuable vitamins and minerals. Zinc, magnesium and potassium are very helpful in the work of the nervous system and the brain. Drinking highly mineralized water can help regenerate the brain.

Long-term stress has a negative effect on our mind, so we should relax as much as possible and play sports. A good way to relieve stress is to indulge in your passions. You should focus on the here and now and not look too far into the future

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