Which hands-free car kit to choose?

Which hands-free car kit to choose?
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What should you consider when choosing a hands-free car kit? There are many technical solutions and functionalities available in the market. Before you choose a particular model, it is advisable to have a look at what is on offer and to choose one that meets all your expectations

Why buy a handsfree car kit?

Why do we actually need a handsfree car kit? First and foremost it is about your own safety, but also about staying within the limits of the law. If you talk on the phone while driving, you put yourself and others at risk of losing your health or even your life. Both hands must be on the steering wheel when driving

Hands-free car kits – what should they be?

Above all, new and new technical solutions are being offered, which are intended to appeal to the tastes and requirements of customers. So it’s only natural that more and more of these devices are compatible with the latest smartphones. However, we should remember that not every driver has to follow the latest technological trends or even gadgetry. So what should a good hands-free car kit be like? Above all, it should be tailored to the driver’s habits. It does not necessarily have to be a device with Bluetooth connection. A classic handsfree system will do just as well. It is important that it is functional and easy to use so that it does not distract us from driving.

What to pay attention to?

The basic parameters that we should be guided by are:

  • working and charging time: working time should be as long as possible and the set should charge quickly. Standby time in this type of devices is often several days (even up to 30). However, the possibility of talking on a full charge is much shorter – usually between 10 and 20 hours;
  • the possibility of connecting more than one telephone to the equipment (multiuse) – very useful, for example, when we use two telephones – a private and a business one;
  • intuitive control panel;
  • automatic switching on;
  • noise reduction: microphone with this function allows you to talk in comfortable conditions regardless of the external situation (other noises, car operation)
  • voice commands: a very important function, which fits perfectly into the essence of a hands-free system. Voice commands make it easy to operate the device, your hands remain 100% free and you can concentrate on driving without any problems.

What types of hands-free kits are available in the market?

There are the following types of hands-free car kits:

  • bluetooth kit: the most popular group of devices that go hand in hand with the prevalence of Bluetooth technology used in smartphones. This type of technology makes it possible for us to pair the microphone with the phone without using additional cables. This is simple and convenient, but of course we must also have a suitable smartphone, which is already rather standard;
  • car radio set: it works on the principle of connection with the radio having a Bluetooth module. This makes it possible to use the car speakers for conversation. The call is controlled via the buttons of the car radio
  • classic hands-free car kit: for owners of older mobile phones that do not support Bluetooth. It was popular years ago when such devices were the majority on the market. They have a fixed mount and provide connectivity via cables. The quality of the voice call will not be worse in this case, but it is certainly less convenient from the perspective of the driver himself.

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