Cycling – what does regular training give you?

Cycling – what does regular training give you?
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Cycling is one of the most popular activities among Poles. However, it is not only a pleasure, but also a workout suitable for almost everyone. Check what regular training on a bike will give you.

Positive effect on health

Cycling can help with ailments related to back pain, which is becoming more and more common due to sedentary lifestyle. We live in a time that is also conducive to tension and stress, and this does not benefit the condition of the spine either. In this case, a well-chosen bicycle, with a comfortable saddle and ensuring an appropriate position, will have a positive effect on the back and spine. Cycling does not strain the joints, so it is a good way of physical activity for beginners.

Uniform and moderate exercise definitely improves the efficiency of the whole body. When cycling, especially when done regularly, lung capacity increases, and oxygenated blood circulates faster. Thanks to that the cardiovascular system works more efficiently, and that allows to minimize the risk of such diseases as hypertension, heart attack or atherosclerosis.

You can feel the strengthening of your calf and thigh muscles already after the first training sessions. Even after severe knee injuries, regular training on a bicycle is often recommended because the joints work better. The bicycle also helps the arm and abdominal muscles. All you need is a simple men ‘s or women’s bike to start your workout with a unicycle. It’s the perfect way to combine aerobic, or fat-burning, training with strength training to shape muscles.

Maintaining a healthy body weight

Movement allows us to burn calories that are delivered to our body with food. During an hour of cycling, depending on the intensity and conditions of training, you can burn up to 800 calories. Regular cycling allows you to maintain a healthy body weight. In combination with a proper diet it is an excellent way to lose weight. It is important that cycling is definitely less burdensome than running, so it is recommended even for people with significant overweight. It is also important to properly hydrate the body, especially during exercise.

Weight loss with the use of bicycle is worth planning in advance. You should not cover long and difficult routes at once, but gradually increase the effort. It is best to start training with a leisurely ride on smaller distances, which will help you avoid injuries. Cycling should last for more than half an hour, and as your training becomes more advanced, you can switch to interval training, i.e. riding slower and faster at given intervals.

It is advisable to choose a bicycle so that the frame fits your height and the spine is stressed as little as possible. It can be a cross bike, a trekking bike or a mountain bike.

Positive influence on psyche

Every kind of physical activity, including cycling, has a good influence on the brain. Movement stimulates the mind to more active work and improves mood. Therefore, thanks to regular trainings on a unicycle, we take care of our mental health. Spending time in the nature also allows us to get away from everyday life.

Instead of a traditional bicycle

Especially for people who are just beginning their adventure with bicycle trainings, electric bikes can be a good alternative. To ride, you have to pedal, but the motor makes it easier than when riding a traditional bike.

Another substitute for a bicycle is its stationary counterpart. This is a good solution especially in case of bad weather. You can get on such equipment at any time of the day. Stationary bike can also be a complement to training on a regular bike, so that we do not go out of shape even in winter.

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