Flight in the wind tunnel – what is worth knowing about it?

Flight in the wind tunnel – what is worth knowing about it?
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A wind tunnel is a unique entertainment that allows you to experience free fall. What should you know about wind tunnels before you decide to use them? We invite you to read.

For adrenaline seekers wind tunnel certainly seems to be a perfect entertainment. However, before flying in an aerotunnel it is worth knowing a few facts about it, so that you are properly prepared for this activity.

Is an aerotunnel suitable for children?

Perhaps one question that comes to mind is whether flying in an aerodynamic tunnel is safe for children. Watched from the sidelines, it may seem like a rather extreme activity. Most places that offer a flight in the wind tunnel require a minimum age of 12, however, there are some that allow younger children in as well.  

There are some contraindications that prevent flight in the wind tunnel. People weighing more than 130 kg are not allowed in the wind tunnel. In some places, the limit is already a weight over 110 kg. Then: pregnant women, people after heart attack, stroke, people with joint injuries and spinal injuries should not decide to fly. 

Does a flight in the aerotunnel require special preparation?

Absolutely no training or special physical predispositions are necessary. Coming to the flight you need to be in a state of complete sobriety – do not take any sensation enhancing drugs or alcohol.

It is best to dress in comfortable, athletic and lightweight clothing. Shoes should be low, light, laced and have a flat sole. You should also remove any jewelry before the flight.

A special suit, helmet and safety goggles will be provided to you on site. You will also be given disposable earplugs – this is for your hearing, as the wind turbines generate a lot of noise.

What speed does the aerotunnel reach?

At full power of the wind turbines, in the wind tunnel you can reach a speed of up to 320 km/h. However, such parameters appear only during training for professional jumpers. For beginners, the speed in the aerotunnel is up to 200 km/h. Depending on the jumper’s weight, skills and position, the wind power in the tunnel is adjusted accordingly.

Do I have to worry about my safety?

The flight of each jumper in the aerotunnel is supervised by a suitably trained operator who controls the tunnel and an instructor who observes your flight and watches over your safety. In case of any difficulties, the observer immediately reacts and helps you adopt an appropriate position. If someone happens to panic and completely lose control of his body, the operator is ready to reduce the force of the wind or gradually turn it off.

How does a flight in a wind tunnel work?

First of all, to enjoy this entertainment, you need to book a date first. It is necessary to arrive 30 minutes earlier for the flight. First, we are required to fill out a statement of health and read the rules and regulations. After that, the right size of suit and helmet are selected. We also get goggles and earplugs.

Next we have a short training session with an instructor, who will explain to us how to behave in the tunnel, and also show us the necessary signs to communicate during the flight. We enter the tunnel together with the instructor and then the fun begins.

main photo: pexels.com/Airam Dato-on

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