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6 effective ways to boost immunity in autumn

Want to strengthen your body and ward off infection this fall? Follow our tips and you’ll no longer have to worry about catching a cold or the flu.



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There are many effective ways to face the threat of autumn infections and their associated complications. Unfortunately, the vaccine is not a panacea, so you need to regularly strengthen immunity and listen to your body. Learn effective ways to boost your immunity in autumn!

Eat healthy

Skillfully selected foods will provide you with a balance of proteins, carbohydrates and fats in your body, saturate it with vitamins, calcium and zinc – everything it needs to boost immunity. Include more fresh vegetables and fruits (especially citrus fruits) in your daily diet, as well as fermented foods, including yogurt and kefir. You’ll also find vital nutrients in cooked fish, unrefined vegetable oils and cereals. Sensible nutrition supports the proper functioning of various systems in the body, so you’ll be able to deal with a possible infection faster.

Harden your body

Alternate showers, swimming in natural bodies of water in winter, going to the pool and sauna – all these strengthen the body’s natural immunity. Of course, your body needs to be prepared for some of these procedures, so before you start walrushing, take alternate showers or douse yourself in cold water first thing in the morning. Such activities will improve circulation and provide the body with life-giving oxygen. Anyway, water treatments are not at all a necessity. It is enough to take an hour-long walk in the park or forest every day. Such aerotherapy will oxygenate your body and stimulate your metabolism.

Practice sports

You don’t have to rush to the gym right away. Just find effective exercises on YouTube and dedicate 15-20 minutes a day to them. Doing so will not only increase your mental activity, concentration and ability to work, but also support the work of the respiratory system, which often becomes the target of infections. Once you strengthen your immunity, it will be easier for you to pass any viral infection.

Give up addictions

It’s all about giving up habits permanently, and not just for the duration of an infection. One day without cigarettes, alcohol or eating fast food is obviously not enough. You need to gradually change your lifestyle, freeing yourself from factors that have a destructive effect on your health. Alcohol and cigarettes are not the only stimulants that weaken you. Nevertheless, gaming addiction, constant sleep deprivation and other habits, such as uncontrolled drug taking and excess caffeine, are exhausting.

Get enough sleep and rest

About 70% of people around the world do not get enough sleep and rest, which increases their susceptibility to various infections. Sleep and rest are essential factors in restoring immunity. Allow yourself to sleep and rest as much as necessary. Maintain a healthy balance between work, personal life and rest. Take breaks, don’t worry about trivial things, be optimistic, don’t panic and enjoy life. You don’t need long-term stress for anything. Free yourself from it right now.

Take care of your hygiene

Always wash your face and hands after coming home. Also take care to regularly clean the phone you constantly hold in your hands. Don’t touch your face with dirty hands and refrain from eating in public. Use disposable wipes and other disinfectants. Take regular showers, wash your clothes and ventilate the rooms you stay in.

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Man’s Guide to Taking Care of His Skin with Body Lotion

Many people think that men aren’t supposed to moisturize their skin, but that’s just not true! In fact, men can suffer from skin dryness just like women do, and they need to be sure to moisturize in order to keep their skin looking youthful and fresh.



Many people think that men aren’t supposed to moisturize their skin, but that’s just not true! In fact, men can suffer from skin dryness just like women do, and they need to be sure to moisturize in order to keep their skin looking youthful and fresh. One great way to moisturize your skin is with body lotion for men that contains the right ingredients to treat your dry, flaky areas. Here are a few tips on how to find the best body lotion for men so you can have great-looking skin!

The benefits of using body lotion

There are many benefits to using body lotion. One, it moisturizes your skin and can help soothe irritation. Two, it helps provide protection from the elements. Three, it can help create a smoother appearance by reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Four, it smells amazing! 

How to choose the right body lotion

When it comes to choosing the right body lotion, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. For starters, make sure that the lotion is free of harsh chemicals and fragrances. Also look for lotions that are moisturizing but not greasy. Finally, find a lotion that has at least SPF 15 protection from the sun. If you do these things, your skin will be well taken care of and will thank you. You’ll also be much happier when you look in the mirror. don’t forget to pick up some body lotion.

How to apply body lotion

Applying body lotion is a simple, but important step in taking care of your skin. There are many different types and formulas to consider, so we have some great tips for selecting the right body lotion for you:

– Consider what type of skin you have – dry, oily, combination? 

– Does the formula contain any ingredients you know will irritate your skin? 

– How quickly does it need to absorb? 

– What do other people who use this product say about it?

Tips for taking care of your skin

Maintaining healthy skin is important, and a man needs to take care of his skin as much as he takes care of his health. One way to do this is by using body lotion. There are many different types that are available, but you should look for one that suits your needs. 

For example, if you’re looking for something lightweight, you may want a gel-based lotion that absorbs quickly into the skin. If you want something more heavy duty, it may be worth investing in a cream or ointment instead. Regardless of what type you choose, use it liberally–you’ll notice a difference in how your skin feels and looks after just one application!

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5 healthy breakfast ideas for the active

Say no to semolina, oatmeal on milk and other breakfasts for small children! Start your day with proteins and fats. You’ll find them in our breakfast suggestions for the active man!



A man expends much more energy than a woman, especially if he is active and plays sports on a daily basis. Therefore, your breakfasts need to be more abundant and give you a boost of energy for the whole day. What to eat first thing in the morning to avoid overloading your stomach with high-calorie food and simple sugars? We suggest!

Shakshuka – just the way you like it

Shakshuka may not be very quick to prepare, but it is extremely filling and flavorful. The basis of the dish is tomatoes and eggs, but if you add some tomato paste and peppers to it, it will be even tastier. Simmer garlic, onions and tomatoes in a pan. Make “dimples” with a spatula and pour eggs into them (as many as you think you need). Fry them to the desired consistency and, at the end, obligatorily sprinkle the dish with greens. The pinnacle of culinary art will be to add pieces of feta or bryndza to the dish. And don’t forget to cut off some bread with which you will “sweep” the leftover shakshuka!

Breakfast in English

You don’t have to stick to the recipe. We suggest “stealing” the basic idea from the English – put as many delicacies on the plate as possible! Fried eggs, bacon and sausage – this is the original composition of the English breakfast. But you can go a step further and put on the plate toast, tomatoes, mushrooms, canned beans, and even avocado languishing in the refrigerator (if it is not unripe, of course!). A royal breakfast!

Perfect scrambled eggs

Do you know what the secret to incredibly tasty scrambled eggs is? We share the secret! First of all: do not regret the butter. If you have listened to dietary stories about the harmfulness of cholesterol, put them preemptively out of your head. It’s the simple sugars that are your biggest enemy! So, melt more clarified butter in a pan than usual. Second, add a tablespoon of cream. And third – don’t stop stirring, don’t step away from the stove even for a second, and by no means let the eggs curdle too much. After all, you want them to be velvety and melt in your mouth! For good health, sprinkle the scrambled eggs with a solid portion of parsley or cilantro and nibble on some pickles.

A filling sharma

For such a breakfast you need to prepare a little, as it requires a certain amount of ingredients. Cut yourself a pre-baked chicken breast (about 25 dag) into thin strips and lay it on a lavash pancake. Slice the cucumber and tomato, and chop the Chinese cabbage or other lettuce. Mix 50 ml of kefir with a tablespoon of mayonnaise. Season the sauce with salt and pepper. Add the chopped greens. Spread the vegetables over the meat, pour the sauce over it and wrap the stuffed pancake into an envelope shape. Fry the sharma in clarified butter on both sides. Mmm… yummy!

Italian frittata with cherry tomatoes and bacon

Actually, this is a very filling casserole of eggs, meat and assorted vegetables. Fry an onion in clarified butter, and when it glazes, add bacon (or any other sausage) and 2-3 cooked potatoes cut into thin slices. Add halved cherry tomatoes (5-6 pieces). Crack 4 eggs into a separate dish, whisk them and pour them into the pan. Fry everything together, sprinkle a handful of grated hard cheese, add chopped greens and cover the pan with a lid for a few minutes. Top with tomato sauce or tzatziki. Enjoy!

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Popular injuries in athletes

Safe and injury-free sports do not exist. Well, unless we consider chess and bridge as sports. As for other sports, they all carry some risk of injury. It’s worth familiarizing yourself with them so you can recognize and treat them.



You don’t have to be a first-class athlete to suffer an injury on the field or sports arena. Whether you start training regularly or are a professional athlete, you are at risk for a sports injury. Learn about the 5 most common injuries among athletes and the best ways to treat them!

Plantar fasciitis

If you’ve started to feel a dull or burning pain in the heel area while walking, you may be suffering from plantar fasciitis, which, as the name suggests, extends along the entire length of the sole. This type of injury is most common in runners, and its treatment is a long and gradual process. Try rolling your feet from toe to heel on a tennis ball to stretch the damaged tissue. Do this for 5 minutes several times during the week. You may need to use special insoles to relieve the stress on the stretch to give your foot extra cushioning.

Hip bursitis

Although hip bursitis is most often diagnosed among the elderly, people who are very physically active, long-distance runners or avid cyclists are also at risk. Bursitis is favored by prolonged repetitive stress on the hip joint. Recovery from injury will be improved by light exercises that improve coordination of the hip and gluteal muscles. Strengthening and improving coordination in these regions reduces inflammation and increased friction between the muscle and the joint.

Lumbar spine pain

This pain can be caused by a number of factors, including weight lifting and strength training. The level of pain you experience depends on the severity of the injury. In most cases, the pain passes on its own. In the case of severe pain syndrome, you will need to see a physiotherapist who will manually relieve you of the pain, in addition to teaching you proper ergonomics and exercise technique.

Muscle overload

Regardless of sports seniority, everyone is at risk of muscle overload, especially if training is not preceded by a decent warm-up. In addition to insufficient stretching, muscle overload during training can occur due to muscle weakness, fatigue and stress. Injury is easily prevented by performing simple stretching exercises before each workout. However, if it has occurred, apply a cold compress to the sore area for 20 minutes, wrap it with a bandage and lift it up if necessary.

Runner’s knee

Almost half of all sports injuries are related to the knee. Runner’s knee is a strain injury that manifests as pain on the lateral side of the knee joint. Although many runners actually suffer from this condition, the injury also affects basketball players, volleyball players, swimmers, cyclists or soccer players. Excessive strain on the patellofemoral band causes friction between it and the bony outgrowth above the lower attachment, on the lateral side of the knee joint. Treatment of runner’s knee can go in many directions and include ice packs, giving up certain exercises such as squats and lunges, and using additional support in the form of bandages.

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