Extreme running – how to prepare for it?

Extreme running – how to prepare for it?
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Although taking part in an obstacle run leaves amazing memories and there is often a great photo story associated with it, you have to remember its truly murderous nature. It is essential to prepare for it. What should be a debutant’s decalogue?

Extreme running

In our country extreme runs are gaining popularity. Runmageddon, Hardcore Run, Armagedon Active, Barbarian Race, Las Masakras or Butcher’s Run are just some of cyclical events that attract more and more amateurs of murderous effort with a lot of mud and obstacles.

Running with obstacles, where you have to get muddy

Extreme running is an event that requires from the participant not only constant running training, but also general body fitness. Although running routes are often selected for different levels of difficulty, there are a few things they have in common: the need to run in mud, icy water, overcome off-road obstacles, rocks or fallen trees. How to prepare for it and is it actually possible?

Preparing for an extreme run

First of all, comprehensive. It is important not only to have the right physical training, but also the clothing or even mental preparation. What is most important to remember?

What exercises should be done before taking part in an extreme run?

The basis is, of course, the running training adapted to the length of the route, which is going to be overcome. This kind of fitness is necessary first of all in order to move with an appropriate speed between obstacles planned on the route

The next stage is the strength training – it will be especially useful when on the route of the run one will have to pull up, lift or drag objects of considerable weight. Earlier exercises of arm and hand muscles are necessary, which can be done e.g. on bars. Activities such as rope climbing, weight lifting, squats and push-ups are also always included. Swimming is also an exercise that is great for our body muscles

Photo Sportpoint/Adobe Stock

How to dress for an obstacle run?

An extremely important element in this case is the right clothing. It is obvious that clothing should be both comfortable and functional. In obstacle running, when it comes to clothing, we must take care of good quality, durable clothes. They should also protect arms and legs against abrasions, for example

The basic set is a tight-fitting long-sleeved T-shirt and leggings. In addition, gloves, elbow and knee pads or ankle pads are important. The whole outfit should be made of thicker technical material, which will provide good protection against abrasions and micro injuries

What else to remember?

First of all, you need to have the right attitude. You have to get used to the idea that it will be difficult, but “everything is for the people”. The goal of the organizer is to make it difficult to reach the goal, but not to make it impossible. Such a run with obstacles is less safe, but with a little training you can overcome the difficult route. It is also important to approach other runners in a friendly manner. It is important to remember that they too were brought here by similar motivations and the same interests.

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