What should determine your choice of dog food?

What should determine your choice of dog food?
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Adequate and species-specific feeding of your pet is the foundation of its health, proper development and long life. Without a healthy, balanced and well-thought-out diet, a pet cannot be fully healthy. So how do you choose the right food to avoid harming your pet? We tell you how to read the composition of dog food and how to choose the right one. Here are the important criteria for choosing daily food for your pooch.

What should dog food consist of?

Dogs are not absolute carnivores, which does not change the fact that meat is and should be their main food. It’s true that a dog’s food can and should contain a small amount of vegetables and fruit, but the main ingredient in a dog food should be meat

The basic food, or so-called “staple food”, should consist mostly of muscle meat. Offal should be placed in the order of composition right after it. They are very valuable in a dog’s diet as they are rich in minerals and trace elements. Further down the line, vegetables, fruits and dietary supplements such as salmon or flaxseed oil or supplements can complete the food

The second aspect is the grain content. Grains and cereals such as wheat, rye, rice, millet, corn and others contain starch and some contain gluten, which are not digested by the dog’s digestive system. Their presence in dog food can lead to diarrhea, painful colic, and even deposits in the intestines. In addition, they are completely worthless dietarily, so they are completely unnecessary in the food

Beware of popular and advertised foods that consist mostly of grains, cloggers, and meat is only 4% in them. When reading the composition of dog food, look for the content of meat and not animal products, because it is not meat, but fat, rinds, waste from meat production and, for example, dairy

Wet or dry food?

A healthy and chewable dog should be on a mixed diet that combines both dry and wet food. A dog naturally has a strong urge to chew and bite. During a meal consisting of dry food, the dog can fulfill this to some extent. Wet food can be one of the meals of the day or an addition in the form of a treat, a filling for a toy or a licking mat

However, some dogs may react to this style of feeding in an undesirable way and eat only one type of food, for example (they usually choose wet food because it has more flavor). It’s best to consult a nutritionist or vet for advice.

You can find excellent quality food, both dry and wet, in the online pet store https://petcentrum.pl/. If your dog has a gum or dental problem, or simply already has large cavities due to age or health, you can follow a diet of only wet food, which is easier to chew

Taking care of a dog is a huge responsibility because all decisions about your pet’s nutrition, upbringing, and health are made by its guardian. Keep this responsibility in mind and make wise, thoughtful and informed choices, not only about feeding, but also in other areas of your pet’s life.

Main Photo: James Barker/unsplash.com

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