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How to make beer at home? Brewing beer without secrets

Home-brewed beer can give you not only a great taste but also enormous satisfaction. How to start making it? Find out step by step instructions!



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Your own beer? Brewing your own amber beverage is becoming more and more popular. As usual, the hardest thing is to start the adventure which, with time, may turn into a real passion. Of course, your efforts will not be without reward: it will be not only satisfaction but also delicious home-brewed beer

The equipment you need

Before we get down to the actual brewing of beer, a little space should be devoted to the equipment that a real brewer should have. The most important equipment are:

  • mash and brewing vat – its role in homebrewing is fulfilled by a metal pot with a lid (it can be enamel or stainless steel). With a capacity of 30 liters you should be able to produce about 20 liters of beer,
  • two plastic fermenters (buckets) and a plastic fermentation tube: one with a tap, the other with a place for the fermentation tube,
  • silicon tubing, 1 m,
  • 1.5 m needle tube,
  • lugol’s liquid,
  • thermometer, sugar meter, big spoon for stirring, tube for pouring beer,
  • a filter made of steel braid,
  • sterilized bottles with caps.

Beer is not made from hops – the most important ingredients

Contrary to what you might think, hops are only a flavoring additive to beer, which is made from malt. So the basic ingredients will be:

  • malt – the best choice to start with is barley malt. Other options include wheat malt or rye malt,
  • hops – added twice to create aroma and add bitterness to the beer,
  • yeast – usually the so-called top-fermenting products which speed up the brewing process and make the beer taste more distinct,
  • sugar additives – malt extracts, glucose.

Brewing beer from a ready-made kit

Home brewing can be started in two ways. The simpler one will be a purchased brewkit, which is a ready-made brewing kit. Usually you’ll find there hopped malt extract which looks like thick syrup, but also yeast along with instructions on how to make beer. The advantage, of course, is that the process is shorter and there is less chance of things going wrong. An alternative is to mash the malt yourself, which means boiling it at the right temperature for several hours. The filtrated wort becomes a semi-finished product used for making beer

Photo: AIAC Interactive Agency/Pixabay

Where to buy ingredients for making beer?

The best solution is to go to specialized brewery stores or online shopping e.g. at Homebrewing, Twój Browar or Esencja Smaku. Brewkit can be easily bought in online stores.

Brewing beer from malt, step by step

Although different recipes can be used and the proportions of ingredients can vary, each malt beer brewing process can be described as repetitive. It follows a sequence that the beginning brewer must be familiar with:


The purpose of this stage is to get the sugar into the water. Mashing is performed until the iodine no longer colors the malt sample (this indicates full utilization). The grated malt is added to water heated in a pot at a ratio of 1 kg to 3 l of water. The mash is stirred with a spoon. It is usually brought to a temperature of 65 degrees C and kept there for one hour


This is done to make the wort. We pour the liquid into a fermenter (bucket) equipped with a faucet. A tube helps to check whether the beer is getting clear. Cloudy liquid is poured back into the fermenter; clear liquid can go into the brewing pot.

Brewing and cooling the beer

The wort is brewed by boiling for one hour. This is the time it takes to add up to three doses of hops. After one hour of boiling, we cool the liquid to 20 degrees C. Care should be taken to ensure its sterility

Adding yeast

Pour the cooled wort into a fermenter. Add yeast, but without stirring


The yeast causes the so-called turbulent fermentation to start, the liquid foams. It takes a few days for it to finish. Check the progress with a sugar meter. It is followed by silent fermentation when the beer matures in another, tightly closed fermenter (bucket). For two weeks, the beer reaches clarity.


Refermentation involves pouring into another fermenter. Glucose or extract is then added to the beer. The beer is poured into bottles and capped – it is very important that the vessels are sterile

Photo: Engin Akyurt/Pexels

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The perfect tripod height

Many telescope enthusiasts have a question on their minds. What height should I get my tripod? Well, there are a few things you will need to consider before you make this decision. The most important thing is your location and what area of the sky you want to view. If you live near a city or in an urban area, it would be best if your tripod was around six feet tall so you can see more of the sky without obstruction from buildings and trees. That being said, there are two main types of telescope tripods that work well for viewing stars and galaxies: those with flexible legs and those with rigid legs. Flexible leg tripods are great because they allow you to change the height depending on your needs.

Setting Up Tripod for Polar Alignment

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The second thing you need to think about is stability. You want something that can stand on its own without rocking back and forth, which would make it impossible for you to get clear pictures of anything. Another important consideration is weight and how much it weighs before it reaches its full height, because if you’re going camping with this as your main source of shelter, then it needs to be light enough so that someone else can carry it up a mountain or through a forest.

Main photo: Jonathan Mabey/

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3 Live Rates That Will Help You Save on Your Next Trip

If you’re planning a vacation, there are plenty of things to worry about—the flight, the hotel, the taxi from the airport—but one thing you shouldn’t have to worry about is whether you’re getting the best deal on these things.



If you’re planning a vacation, there are plenty of things to worry about—the flight, the hotel, the taxi from the airport—but one thing you shouldn’t have to worry about is whether you’re getting the best deal on these things. That’s where Live Rates comes in. Live rates, often shortened to rates in the air travel industry, are the lowest fare prices available for a specific flight at a given time. These are live and often changing with demand, which is why they are so important to watch. These are often calculated based on date, departure, and arrival city and will be different depending on which airport you choose. There are various different websites on the internet that show all options related to flights and hotels so it’s for one to choose the best deals and save money while in the process. Given below are three of the best live rates that will help you save a lot of money on your next trip:

  1. They track flight prices so that if the price drops during your trip planning phase or in-flight, the website will alert you. You can even see if your itinerary is eligible for low fare protection for up to 24 hours after purchase. The flights could change without warning and a traveler should never book something without knowing the return on investment.
  1. Hotel rooms are priced differently depending on what type of room you need and when you’re looking to stay there. On Live Rates, these options show up clearly with price tags for each one listed next to them – the more expensive rooms are at the top of the list. They also have information about taxes, resort fees, and parking costs before checkout so that travelers know exactly what they’re paying for. For instance, customers can see how much it would cost to park their car per day at any given hotel – helpful info when deciding where they want to stay! 
  1. If you’re not sure where to go on your next family vacation, these prices offer helpful destination guides that provide travel inspiration from locals. They provide destination recommendations based on different interests: foodies (places with great food), night owls (best late-night activities), explorers (sightseeing tours), history buffs (historical sites), and nature lovers (parks and zoos). 

Many Benefits

Live rates help save you money by updating the prices of flights, hotels, and other goods in real-time. No more expensive surprises when you make your purchase! There are many benefits of knowing them in advance:

  1. It’s easier to find a great deal

If you know what’s available for sale, it becomes easier to search for the best price. With these, you can compare offers from different airlines and hotels before booking your flight or hotel room. 

  1. Saving is easy

Once you have found a great offer, all that’s left to do is buy it! 

  1. Travel planning is simplified

When your travel dates are flexible, having these make it much easier to plan ahead for a big trip without worrying about finding a good deal last minute!


Many people have always considered traveling as a necessary expense and didn’t give it much thought. However, there are many travel destinations that are more affordable than you might think. There is no doubt that you will want to take advantage of these opportunities according to your schedule permits and plan an adventure because these three Octolize plugins will help you save money on your next trip. 

Main photo: JESHOOTS.COM/

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