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Retinol, the primary form of vitamin A – effects on the body

What properties does retinol have? Find out!



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Retinol is one of the most popular ingredients in creams, serums and lotions used to slow down skin aging. But the properties of the substance don’t end with improving skin condition. What exactly is retinol? How does it affect the human body? Are there any contraindications associated with the use of retinol?

What is retinol?

Retinol is the basic form of vitamin A and the prototype of other retinoids. It is fat-soluble and when supplied in excess, it accumulates in the body. The best source of retinol remains diet. The substance is present in milk and dairy products, liver, fish and meat

Properties of retinol

Vitamin A is very important for the proper functioning of the body. Retinol affects the process of vision, growth of epithelial tissue and other cells of the body. It has anti-cancer effects, strengthens the immune system and prevents infections. The basic form of vitamin A helps fight bacteria and viruses, protects the epithelium of the respiratory system from pathogens and regulates the proper functioning of cell membranes

How does retinol work on the skin?

Retinol applied to the skin will promote skin renewal. It will positively influence the differentiation of epidermal cells, which will result in the improvement of tissue condition. In the dermis layer the substance stimulates collagen and elastin production. Thanks to this action, elasticity and tension are improved. The skin becomes smooth, firm and properly nourished. Wrinkles are less visible, in addition, the process of appearance of further imperfections slows down.

What is important, retinol also turns out to be an effective remedy for sun spots and those caused by hormones. The substance has exfoliating properties and reduces the production of melanin-producing cells. Retinol is also used to treat skin damage associated with excessive sun exposure, such as sunburn. Vitamin A is also used in slowing down the photo-aging process.

Retinol also has valuable properties from the perspective of owners of problematic complexions. Thanks to its normalizing effect, the substance regulates the work of sebaceous glands. It visibly reduces the formation of pimples and improves the condition of oily skin.

Photo Mikhail Nilov/Pexels

Retinol contraindications

People with sensitive skin should be careful when using creams with retinol. The substance may cause irritation or excessive dryness. Therefore, if you have delicate skin prone to react to cosmetics with redness or burning, it is worth performing an allergy test on a smaller area before using a product with retinol. What’s more, some studies indicate that the surface-applied basic form of vitamin A can enter the bloodstream. This means that retinol should not be used by pregnant women. The substance may act teratogenically and cause fetal malformations.

Retinol has a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin, it is important for the process of seeing and functioning of the immune system. In order to prevent deficiencies, it can be taken with food and by applying preparations enriched with it to the skin. Cosmetics with retinol are especially suitable for wrinkle prevention. Before using them, you should be aware of the contraindications and, if necessary, make a test on a smaller area of skin.

Photo Iryna/Adobe Stock

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Office space redesign – is it always necessary?



The office landscape as we know it has changed a great deal in recent times. This is due to the changing nature of the work we do – and the different needs and expectations that come along with it. What used to do the job some years ago may be completely obsolete nowadays. But is office redesign always the answer to such changes? Maybe there are some other ways to make the workplace keep on serving its purpose?  

Why companies decide to redesign their office spaces?

There are many factors behind the decisions for office space redesign. Companies choose to redesign their offices because of low productivity levels, too much unused space, not enough space, inconsistency of the design with the brand, etc. Every organization has its own reasons, of course. They need, for example, more flexibility, a more modern feel and look, they want to provide their employees with a better work environment, take care of their well-being. These reasons are all valid, but the challenge involved in the process of redesign may sometimes be really big.

Challenges in redesigning an office space

Some of the most commonly reported concerns and challenges when it comes to redesigning the office space include changes in the style of management and communication resulting from shifting from e.g. closed cubicles to open-plan layouts or the other way round, getting the right mix of different sorts of rooms and spaces, making the office accessible to everyone, and making best use of the available space. That’s quite a lot to take in at the decision-making stage, and the majority of organizations say they still never get it right the first time. Add to that budget limitations and you can see that such an undertaking is never easy. 

Office redesign alternativesIn light of the above, decision-makers tend to seek for alternate ways to refurbish their offices. And there are options that make redesign possible without changing the entire layouts. One such option is to furnish the office with new furniture that has been designed in response to the needs and expectations of modern workforce, with flexibility, privacy, and well-being in mind. Example? The hushMeet office pod by Hushoffice, which can act as a standalone meeting room (for both offline and online collaboration) and a chill-out zone on demand. Even small changes can make a big difference.

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Basic ingredients in a dog’s diet

Do you want to ensure a long and happy healthy life for your dog? We suggest how to feed your dog to keep him with you for many years



Marliese Streefland/

Proper nutrition for your dog is the foundation of his health and proper functioning of his body. Every pet is different, but the composition of its food and nutritional requirements are the same, only the daily portion of food differs. We will tell you how to read the composition of dog food and what your dog’s daily meal should consist of

How should I choose my dog’s food?

Dog food, both wet and dry, should consist primarily of meat. But what is meat in dog food? Very often on the label of a dog food you will come across the heading: “meat and products of animal origin”. The number next to this entry is usually high, but does that mean the food is good? Unfortunately not. After the mentioned entry in the composition there is a specification that hardly anyone pays attention to: including (usually) 4% of meat. A food that contains only 4% meat cannot be a good source of energy and nutrients for your dog. Offal, which is also abundant in dog foods, is also not meat. However, a high offal content is not the worst thing, such food is not the best, but it is suitable for your dog. The food should have in the first place in its composition muscle meat, which is the basis of the dog’s diet. After the meat, there should be vegetables, then offal, and finally fruits and dietary supplements, such as flax or salmon oil. You can buy good quality food for your pet at

BARF diet

Are you familiar with the BARF diet? It’s an abbreviation in English that expands into Biologically Appropriate Raw Food, loosely translated: biologically appropriate raw food. The BARF diet is based on raw meat, bones and offal with the addition of vegetables and fruits and a variety of supplements. This food should consist of 60% meat and bones (raw, not heat-treated!), followed by 20% vegetables, 10% offal, and 10% additives, such as yogurt, eggs, algae, supplements, oils, and fruit. You can find plenty of resources on the internet about this, or you can schedule a consultation with a nutritionist who will create a diet for your dog. BARF feeding is a fantastic solution for dogs with allergies, because then you have full control over what goes into your dog’s bowl. If you’re afraid that feeding BARF will overwhelm you or you don’t feel like calculating the dosages of supplements and calorie meals, buy a mono-protein food for your dog, consisting only of meat that is not allergenic to your dog. A mono-protein food is for example:

What treats should I choose for my dog?

As a supplement to your dog’s daily diet, you should choose treats, dried or filleted meat. Dog treats should, like food, be grain-free and contain plenty of meat, but also herbs, additives and supplements. Snacks can also be functional, that is, support particular functions of the body, such as liver or kidney function, benefit the skin and coat, or have a calming effect. This is not a curative effect, of course, but it can effectively aid recovery or at least not harm it, so your dog will still be able to get treats, even when sick

Proper feeding of your dog should be taken care of throughout its life. Even young dogs can become seriously ill through poor nutrition, develop deficiencies in their bodies and suffer the dangerous consequences of your choices. Always read the composition of the food you give your pet, take care of it, regularly perform diagnostic tests and monitor the health of your pooch

Main photo: Marliese Streefland/

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What for a stag party? Organization of an unforgettable stag party

A bachelor party is a fantastic event that serves as a symbolic farewell to your current single lifestyle.



A bachelor party is a fantastic event, which is a symbolic farewell to the current form of single life. Invited to it are trusted friends, family members and work colleagues of the future groom. The party often has the character of a surprise, which is prepared by invited people in mutual agreement. How and where to organize an unforgettable bachelor party, on which both guests and the future husband will have a great time? We suggest which directions will prove to be the right decision!

Bachelor party bust-up, or which places to avoid?

Just a dozen or so years ago bachelor parties were associated primarily with going to a disco and go-go clubs. The company of women and alcohol flowing in streams were seen as good fun. However, there was a problem when too much alcohol was drunk and money disappeared from the account at an alarming rate. In addition, the company of strange women working in the clubs gave rise to many arguments between future spouses. The result of such a party was often not only an alcohol hangover, but also a moral one, and the promising fun ended disastrously. Fortunately, the perception of a bachelor party as “the last night to go wild” has changed. Current bachelor party attendees are looking for fantastic entertainment in a much less controversial nature.

Healthy competition between participants

Men by nature enjoy competing with each other in a friendly, social atmosphere laced with humorous banter. No wonder that the choice of men very often become places that allow you to test your strength. The themes of bachelor parties are different – racing, shooting, survival, soccer, and even extreme sports. One of the most versatile ideas is to go to a karting hall, where the participants of the fun will compete in a race of go-karts. Bachelor party can also be successfully organized in a virtual reality center, where in multiplayer mode we will experience an amazing VR adventure. An interesting proposal is also bubble football, which is a football clash with a variety in the form of an inflatable ball worn on the sports outfit.

Motorized bachelor party

Not many people can afford to own an exclusive Ferrari, a sporty McLaren or a prestigious Lamborghini. However, this does not change the fact that you can successfully sit behind the wheel of such a machine – and on the race track! Driving sports cars of your dreams is a great idea to test your skills, and at the same time fulfill the dream of driving iconic car models. Of course, everyone has different tastes in cars, so an interesting option is the so-called ride versus. This consists in the fact that the participant, instead of driving 3 laps with one vehicle, will drive 1 lap with 3 different cars! The choice is really wide – from the iconic Ford Mustang to the unusual KTM X-Bow.

A great alternative to driving on the track is Off-road driving through muddy wilderness. A wide range of such attractions is available at×4.html

Bachelor party hit the bull’s eye

At the very end we have left a classic of the genre in the form of a paintball game. Participants divided into two teams will be able to check themselves in various scenarios of the game. Team deathmatch, conquering the quarters, VIP protection, cargo transport – there are really many ideas. Organizers very often prepare refreshments from the bonfire or grill after the game. An alternative to paintball is laser tag – markers are turned into replicas of weapons, and colored balls into light beams and sensors. Thanks to this we do not have to worry about bad weather or seasonality of the attraction: laser tag is available all year round. If we prefer shooting at a fixed target and sharp ammunition, then a voucher for a shooting range is at our disposal. There we will find a variety of weapons: from modern pistols to World War II rifles.

Unusual activities – a bachelor party full of surprises!

If we know that the future groom belongs to the people who are really hard to surprise, it is worth reaching for something special. Such activities as paintball, go-carts or a ride in a sports car he can expect to some extent, but the following attractions he certainly will not predict. The first surprise can be a ride in a tank, howitzer, tracked amphibian or a combat vehicle on a military training ground. Another – a trip on a water banana slide pulled at high speed by a special boat. A contrast to the above emotions and experiences will be a quiet bachelor party spent in the spa on relaxing massages and body care. Regardless of the chosen idea – it is worth to make sure that the bachelor party will be warmly remembered by each participant of the event!

Photos: materials from the client

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